10 BEST tours to Ireland and Scotland 2024, RANKED

Ever thought of visiting Ireland or Scotland? Why not do both with any one of these memorable tours of Ireland and Scotland.

The 10 best tours to Ireland and Scotland, RANKED

Ireland and Scotland not only share a common geography, but the two nations share similar cultures, similar habits, similar fun and craic and an intertwined history and story.

The good thing is, you can get the very best of both worlds with tours that take you on a journey around the most iconic locations of both countries, from their rural heartlands to urban centres.

Here are the 10 best tours to Ireland and Scotland to inspire the traveller in you.

Ireland Before You Die’s top tips for thins to do on your Ireland and Scotland tour

  • Enjoy the Scottish (and Irish!) Highlands. Glencoe and Loch Ness are Scottish wonders, but don’t forget Errigal in Donegal.
  • Visit the Castles of both nations – Edinburgh Castle in the Scottish capital, or either Dublin or Belfast Castle in Ireland.
  • Both Ireland and Scotland are renowned for their production and love of whiskey. So, make sure to try both nations taste.
  • Visit the capital cities of Edinburgh and Dublin – take in the history, wander the streets, go for a drink in the bars, and visit the football, amongst much more.
  • We have a soft spot for Ireland – so, kiss the Blarney Stone, drive through the Ring of Kerry, see the Giant’s Causeway, and marvel at the Cliffs of Moher.

10. 2020 Scots Irish Tour – from capital to capital

2020 Scots Irish Tour – from capital to capital.
Edinburgh Castle, where you will begin your tour.

The first of our list of the best tours to Ireland and Scotland is a bumper 15-day journey that will take you from capital to capital, starting in Edinburgh, one of the best U.K. city breaks, and finishing in Dublin.

Your first five days will be in Scotland, before moving across the water to immerse yourself on the Emerald Isle, with highlights including Giant’s Causeway, Glenveagh, the Dingle Peninsula and the Cliffs of Moher.

Price: £2,610

More info: HERE

9. Best of Ireland and Scotland – a 15-day experience

Best of Ireland and Scotland – a 15-day experience
The River Liffey in Dublin, one of the highlights of this tour. Credit: www.centralhoteldublin.com

Another 15-day experience, the story, this time, starts in Dublin, before visiting Waterford, Blarney, Killarney, Derry and Belfast, before completing your time in Scotland.

In the space of five days, you will acquaint yourself with the best of Glasgow, the Isle of Syke and the majestic Scottish Highlands, before finishing up in Edinburgh. 

Price: £2,653

More info: HERE

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8. Highlights of Ireland & Scotland – the bargain tour

Highlights of Ireland & Scotland – the bargain tour.
Elgin Cathedral.

Slightly shorter at 12 days but almost a thousand pound cheaper, this tour of Ireland and Scotland is a hidden gem with 8 days in Ireland and the remainder in Scotland.

Traverse Dublin city on day one and Belfast city on day 8 with Kilkenny, Blarney and Limerick in between. In Scotland you will finish in Edinburgh, but not before you see the likes of Inverness and Elgin.

Price: £1,504

More info: HERE

7. 2020 Taste of Scotland & Ireland – one of the best tours of Ireland and Scotland

2020 Taste of Scotland & Ireland – one of the best tours of Ireland and Scotland.
Titanic Belfast.

Take it from us – this is a fantastic tour of Ireland and Scotland. This time, you’ll start in Glasgow, and by day 3 you’ll be indulging in whiskey tasting in the Blair Athol Distillery.

You will then take a ferry to Ireland, where you’ll see Titanic Belfast, take a canal cruise in Dublin, drive through the Ring of Kerry and spend a relaxing day in Galway

Price: £2,060

More info: HERE

6. Scotland & Ireland – the city stopper

Scotland & Ireland – the city stopper.
Glasgow, Scotland. Credit: Ian Dick / Flickr

This is a 13-day tour for those aged between 18 to 35, and it is the ultimate tour of Ireland and Scotland for those looking to visit the cities that keep both countries ticking.

Starting in Edinburgh you’ll spend some time in Glasgow, before turning to Ireland on day 5, where you’ll go full circle; Dublin to Cork, on to Galway, North to Derry, across to Belfast and back to the capital.

When in Glasgow, you may want to check out some of the best Celtic bars for Hoops supporters.

Price: £2,140

More info: HERE

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5. 2021 Taste of Scotland & Ireland – the one to look forward to  

2021 Taste of Scotland & Ireland – the one to look forward to  .
The Skellig Islands in the distance, off the coast of Kerry.

The first of the five best tours of Ireland and Scotland, this one will not leave you disappointed, and at under £2,000 it is certainly value for your money.

Scottish culture and history will abound during the Loch Ness cruise and the Edinburgh Castle tour, before a ferry to Belfast will precede the Skellig experience and a tour of Galway city.

Price: £1,983

More info: HERE

4. Celtic Highlights – where the cultures collide

Celtic Highlights – where the cultures collide.
The Cliffs of Moher.

 We are a big fan of this tour, where you will start in Glasgow and end again in the bohemian city, with a stop in Liverpool in between for good measure.

In Ireland, you will be treated to its greatest highlights, with Dublin, Limerick, Sligo and the Cliffs of Moher all part of your incredible itinerary.

Price: £2,414

More info: HERE

3. Scotland & Ireland – a five-star tour  

The Scottish Highlands.

It’s rated as a five-star trip by those that have done it and it is easy to see why, with the Scottish tour alone encompassing Edinburgh, the Highlands, Glasgow and Sterling.

The Irish leg only gets better. You will travel from Dublin and right around to Derry, before taking in the town of Kilkenny, the Cliffs of Moher and Blarney in Cork.

Price: £2,375

More info: HERE

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2. 2020 Scottish & Irish Dream – the tour you will always think about

Glamis Castle, Scotland.

The hint is in the headline; this is a dream tour of Ireland and Scotland and is worth the money. As before, you will begin with a Glasgow tour and spend a week across the water, with exciting trips to Blair Castle and Glamis Castle.

Back on the Emerald Isle by day 8, kick-off at Titanic Belfast, drink in the Dublin pubs, kiss the Blarney stone, circle the Ring of Kerry and stand on a cliff edge at Moher, before ending peacefully in Shannon town.

Price: £2,575

More info: HERE

1. Scotland & Ireland – the ultimate tour of Ireland and Scotland

The Derry Walls, Derry City.

These will be thirteen days that you will never forget. You can tick Edinburgh and Glasgow off your bucket list, buttressed by St. Andrew’s and the Highlands.

Your memorable trip will continue in Dublin, Cork via Kilkenny, Galway via the Cliffs of Moher, on to Derry, over to the city of Belfast and one more night in Dublin. What more could you truly ask for on a tour of Ireland and Scotland?

Price: £2,375

More info: HERE

Your questions answered about the best tours to Ireland and Scotland

In this section, we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about the best tours to Ireland and Scotland in case you had any queries.

What is the best time to visit Ireland and Scotland?

The best time to visit Ireland and Scotland would be between May and June, or perhaps in the autumn time (September-October), for the aesthetic look and quieter crowds.

How many days do you need for Ireland and Scotland?

This really depends on what you want out of it. To do it thoroughly, perhaps 2 weeks. However, you would still get a lot done with 7-10 days.

Can you do Scotland and Ireland in the same trip?

Yes! Any of the tours we have mentioned give you the chance to do so. The two countries are not far at all from each other.

Which is better to tour Ireland or Scotland?

Obviously, we say Ireland! However, both countries are fantastic. The locals will have much the same craic, both countries have stunning, rugged nature, hiving cities, abundant history, and endless road trips.

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