The 10 best Father Ted characters, ranked

We rank the 10 best characters from the classic Irish-British sitcom Father Ted.

The 10 best Father Ted characters ranked

Father Ted is an Irish-British TV sitcom that stole the hearts of the nation between 1995 and 1998 and never let them go.

Set on Craggy Island (a fictional place off the coast of Ireland), the show won a hoard of accolades (including several BAFTAS) and revolves around the eponymous Father Ted and his household of insanely likeable, utterly insane priests, as well as their housekeeper, Mrs Doyle, of course.

Times may have changed since the last episode aired, but the Irish people’s unfaltering love for the cast of Father Ted and their farcical existence on Craggy Island stays true.

Here are the 10 best Father Ted characters, ranked!

10. Sister Assumpta

Sister Assumpta is one of the 10 best Father Ted characters

Sister Assumpta appears twice in Father Ted, once in season 1, episode 5, “And God Created Woman”, and again in season one, episode eight, “Cigarettes and Alcohol and Rollerblading.”

This Sister is known in Father Ted for her crazy ways, and actor Rosemary Henderson brings of a large dose of laughter to her scenes.

9. Henry Sellers

Henry Sellers is one of the 10 best Father Ted characters

The character of Henry Sellers pops up only once in Father Ted, but man is he memorable. 

Featuring heavily in ‎season one, episode four, “Competition Time,” Irish actor Niall Buggy plays an ex-alcoholic game-show host who arrives on Craggy Island to present the much-awaited “All-Priests Stars in Their Eyes Lookalikes Competition.”

All we can say is: pure gold.

8. Father Dick Byrne

Father Dick Byrne is one of the 10 best Father Ted characters

Played by Maurice O’ Donoghue, the character of Father Dick Byrne is undoubtedly one of the best Father Ted characters.

His character pops up five times throughout the series and offers viewers the enjoyment of a childish ongoing quarrel between himself and Father Ted, two middle-aged priests. In constant competition, their relationship offers yet another hilarious quality to the farcical TV show.

7. Tom

Tom is one of the 10 best Father Ted characters

Tom—essentially the village idiot—is bound to be considered one of the top Father Ted characters.

Popping up a few times throughout the series, the character, played by Pat Shortt, is absolutely bonkers and perhaps one of the few characters in the entire series who doesn’t hide his madness under a façade.

6. Father Jack Hackett

Frank Kelly as Father Jack

We can’t forget Father Jack, the grouchy alcoholic who is always shouting out profanities and exasperating Father Ted and the others. Played by Frank Kelly, he has an especially memorable personality that many a Father Ted fan enjoys imitating. Many fans argue that he is the most memorable of all characters from Father Ted’s house, too.

5. Father Paul Stone

Father Paul Stone is a top character on Father Ted

Certainly one of the most amusing Father Ted characters has got to be Father Paul Stone.

Acting as the centerpiece of season one, episode two, “Entertaining Father Stone,” this stony-faced, lifeless priest nearly drives Father Ted and his trusty fellow housemates, Father Dougal McGuire, Father Jack Hackett, and Mrs Doyle, to insanity—at the delight of viewers, of course.

4. Mrs Doyle

Pauline McLynn as Mrs Doyle

Where would be without Mrs Doyle? Played by Irish actress Pauline McLynn, she is the housekeeper of Craggy Island Parochial House and can be very persistent about things, such as serving a cup of tea. We can’t forget her classic go-to line, “Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on!”

3. Father Ted

Dermot Morgan

No list would be complete without giving a shout-out to the man that made it all happen: Father Ted, played by the late-great Dermot Morgan.

Unexpectedly, Morgan passed away one day after filming the final Father Ted episode, leaving behind him a legacy not to be soon forgotten.

2. Pat Mustard

Pat Mustard

Pat Mustard is sure to be one of the best characters in Father Ted. Featuring in season three, episode three, “Speed 3,” Pat Mustard, played by Pat Laffan, is a sex-crazed milkman who acts as the not so smooth Casanova of Craggy Island.

1. Father Dougal McGuire

Father Dougal may be the best character on Father Ted

The single best character in Father Ted has got to Father Dougal McGuire. As a lead protagonist in the series, his presence offers endless laughs throughout the three seasons.

As Father Ted’s best friend, and with the best intentions one could have, he is not only lovable but offers belly-aching comedy throughout.

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