Irish Weather Forecast: Temperatures in Ireland to Rocket to 26C this week

Grab the sun-cream and hit the beach! Ireland is to get some seriously summery weather next week with temperatures climbing as high as 26 degrees Celsius on Monday.

According to Irish Meteorologist Service, Met Eireann, most of the country will get dry weather all day tomorrow with sunny spells breaking through any cloud.

Highest temperatures of 26C will be reached in Dublin, bringing a hot and humid start to the week in the capital.

Beach weather

For those taking holiday next week, a day at the beach might be on the cards for Monday.

For the hottest temperatures, the east and sunny southeast are predicted to be the best spots for any sun worshippers.

The southwest coastline will be cooler with temperatures of 20C throughout the day while the west will get a touch of drizzle in the afternoon.

The Midlands will reach a toasty 25C while Ulster is forecast to get similar conditions with Belfast starting the week with sunny spells and highs of 24C.

Southwest breezes will keep Connacht cool with Atlantic winds picking up as the evening progresses.

Staying dry

Monday night will stay warm with highs of 17C in the north and northwest counties and no lower than 15C elsewhere.

Conditions are set to remain dry overnight with patches of light drizzle along the south coastline.

Moderate southerly breezes will keep Munster cool along with a morning mist welcoming Tuesday.

The rest of Ireland is predicted to enjoy continued dry weather with sunny spells and warm temperatures.

Highs of 25C will be reached in the Midlands and northern parts of Ireland while the east coast will maintain a comfortable 19-20C.

Cloud coverage will clear along the west coast throughout the day before sunny spells breakthrough to reach highs of 24C.

Clear skies and sunshine will offer beach weather for people visiting the west of Ireland on Tuesday.

Any planned walks along the Wild Atlantic Way would be best taken on Tuesday before rain arrives overnight.

Here comes the rain again!

Showery outbreaks of rain will begin in the west on Tuesday evening, becoming heavier along the west and south coast throughout the night.

The rain is forecast to travel east on Wednesday morning leaving the Midlands and Ulster with a wet start to the day.

Highs of 22C will keep temperatures warm as the showers travel further east throughout the morning.

By Wednesday afternoon Dublin will become cloudy before outbreaks of drizzle arrive.

Light to moderate southerly breezes will keep things cool but there will be dry weather patches and some sunny spells to lift temperatures to highs of 21C in the capital.

The rain will continue and become heavier in the south on Wednesday night before travelling northeastwards by Thursday morning.

The week is set to end with more rain, heavy downpours in some parts and winds picking up along the coastline.

Temperatures will remain at an average of 23C keeping conditions warm despite the rain.

Showers are predicted to clear by Thursday night in time for another weekend.

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