Irish Weather Forecast: Temperatures to Rise… but Heavy Rain to Dampen Weekend Plans

With another weekend approaching, the weather forecast brings a combination of increased humidity and heavy rain.

According to Irish Meteorological Service, Met Eireann, temperatures will rise steadily as the weekend starts, leaving conditions feeling humid in the cities.

A high risk of heavy rain, however, will cloud any outdoor plans with most showers predicted for Friday and Saturday.

A cool start

Top temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius in the east today with clear skies and sun will make it feel quite pleasant in the capital.

Scattered showers in the west along with moderate westerly breezes will make the Atlantic coastline feel considerably cooler.

Lows of 17C in the west and southwest will keep conditions mild while the northwest counties could feel a degree cooler throughout the day.

Showers will become heavier in Ulster this afternoon with Belfast remaining at a pleasant 17C but possibly feeling cooler with the westerly breeze.

Heavy rain will clear in the north overnight but a southwesterly breeze will carry more showers across Connacht and Leinster overnight.

Temperatures could drop as low as 10C in western rural parts of Ireland but stay at highs of 15C in the southeast right through until Friday morning.

Rising temperatures

Friday morning will see temperatures rise with the air feeling humid in parts towards the afternoon.

Top temperatures of 23C will be reached in the Midlands while the north will remain a lower 17C.

Heavy downpours will sweep the entire country on Friday with a risk of thunder in coastal areas.

Flood risk areas will receive weather warnings for Friday as the widespread rain continues into the evening.

Temperatures, however, will stay warm making it feel muggy and humid in places.

More rain to come

Heavy rain will ease somewhat on Friday night but light showers will continue mainly in the north and the west of the country.

Saturday will bring a dry start to most parts before the rain returns and sweeps across from the east to cover other parts of Ireland by the afternoon.

Temperatures will again stay warm with Dublin reaching highs of 21C, feeling humid in the city centre.

The southeast is predicted to escape most of the rain on Saturday and maintain a pleasant 19C with light southwesterly breezes.

The rain will clear overnight with only light showers clipping the southern tip of County Cork.

Highs of 14C will make keep conditions warm with the wind picking up slightly towards Sunday morning.

Bright and breezy

Sunday is set to start breezy with a chance of sunny spells in the east.

Outbreaks of rain are predicted to appear elsewhere through the course of the day.

A risk of heavy downpours in the west and north is forecast for Sunday afternoon with increased southerly winds making conditions feel fresh.

Highs of 19C in the west and a warmer 23C in the east will remind us it is still summer.

Another humid night will follow with temperatures no lower than 17C overnight ahead of a new week.