Irish Weather Forecast: Temperatures soar on ‘hottest day of the year’ but set to plummet over the weekend

As Ireland basks in highs of 23 degrees Celsius, experts announce today [Thursday] as ‘the hottest day of the year’ so far.

According to Irish Meteorological Service, Met Eireann, the south coast will experience the hottest temperatures this afternoon with parts of Cork reaching highs of 24 degrees Celsius in parts.

The southeast is forecast perfect beach weather for the hottest day of the year so far right through to this evening with great sunshine and very little cloud coverage.

The rest of Ireland will stay dry with the northwest counties feeling the coolest with lows of 16 degrees Celsius during late afternoon.

Connacht will stay a pleasant 20 degrees Celsius with light winds coming from the Atlantic.

Winds will pick up along the northern coast making it feel fresher than other parts of the country.

Conditions will stay dry overnight and maintain double figures in Ulster and Southwest counties.

Light drizzle will form overnight in the northwest with mist patches forming in the early hours of Friday morning.

Warm start to the weekend

Friday will not beat the hottest day of the year but start dry in most parts of the country with the southeast and southern counties maintaining the best of the temperatures.

Cork will reach highs of 22 degrees Celsius while the Atlantic coast will maintain a cooler 19 degrees Celsius.

The west and northern coastline will get light showers in the afternoon with moderately westerly winds keeping temperatures lower than the rest of the country.

Northern Ireland will also experience rain with Belfast reaches highs of 16 degrees in the afternoon and showers ahead of the evening commute.

The capital will stay dry with warm temperatures of 19 degrees Celsius in the city.

Commuters may be tempted to make the most of the beer garden weather as another working week comes to a close.

A wet start

A band of rain sweeping across from the west will result in most counties are set for a wet Saturday morning.

Ulster will stay dry but southern counties are predicted to experience showers throughout the morning.

Temperatures however will maintain a humid 21 degrees Celsius in Munster, bringing sunny spells once the rain clears in the afternoon.

The Atlantic coast is also forecast rain on Saturday but set to dry up in the late afternoon, reaching highs of 20 degrees Celsius in parts.

Dublin will stay dry on Saturday with a mixture of sunny spells and cloud coverage intermittently throughout the day.

Plummeting temperatures

By Sunday the toasty temperatures are predicted to drop by up to 6 degrees, leaving the hottest day of the year firmly in the past.

Cloud coverage will bring dull conditions across much of Ireland with outbreaks of rain in most parts.

West Cork will stay mostly dry along with the northeast of the country while the remaining counties will stay dull and drizzly into the afternoon.

Temperatures in the south will stay at a pleasant 21 degrees Celsius but the rest of Ireland will struggle to maintain a cooler 17 degrees for the rest of the weekend.

Next week is forecast to follow suit with more dull conditions to cloud any hope of another heat wave and occasional showers continuing to pass.

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