It’s confirmed! Taylor Swift is Irish

Just when we thought we couldn’t love her anymore, genealogy reports confirmed that the ‘Love Story’ singer has Irish roots. 

Genealogy experts have revealed that Taylor Swift is Irish.

The biggest thing in pop right now, Taylor Swift has taken the music and media industry by storm. Now, as if she didn’t have enough going for her, recent genealogy reports have confirmed that Taylor Swift is Irish. 

The superstar, born in Pennsylvania in the west of the United States, gained global renown for her musical talent and inspiring backstory.

Boasting a huge global fan base that spans generations, Taylor Swift is the biggest thing in the music industry right now. So, we’re pretty delighted to find out that she is, in fact, one of our own.

It’s been confirmed – Taylor Swift is Irish

Taylor Swift visiting Portsalon Beach in County Donegal.
Credit: Instagram / @taylorswift

No need to check your calendars, because this really isn’t a joke. It has been confirmed that the pop icon, known for hit songs such as ‘Champagne Problems’ and ‘Love Story’, is, in fact, Irish.

Ahead of her much-anticipated arrival at Dublin’s Aviva Stadium next week, experts at EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum teamed up with The Irish Family History Centre to reveal the pop star’s ancestral ties to Ireland.

According to their findings, we don’t even have to look that far back in time to discover that Taylor Swift is Irish. 

The original love story – where it all began

Genealogy experts traced the popstar's roots back to a ship that sailed from Derry in the 19th-century to reveal that Taylor Swift is Irish.

The genealogy experts took a deep dive into Swift’s history to discover the original ‘love story’. It all began aboard the ship AMY, which sailed from Derry on 11 June 1836. 

Aboard the ship was 21-year-old dressmaker Susan Davis and 21-year-old weaver Francis Gwynn. Embarking on a voyage across the Atlantic in the hopes of finding their fortunes, the pair met aboard and fell in love. 

Arriving in the United States two months later, the pair settled in Philadelphia. Here, they married and raised a family of six children. However, it wasn’t long before tragedy struck the family.

A tragic tale and a long journey – seeking the American dream 

Beautiful picture of Taylor Swift, used to explain the article Taylor Swift’s is Irish!
Credit: / Eva Rinaldi

Sadly, five of the six children predeceased their parents. One daughter, Mary Douglas (née Gwynn), Taylor Swift’s great-great-great-grandmother, being the only one to outlive her parents.

Speaking on the discovery that Taylor Swift is Irish, Aileesh Carew, CEO of EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, said: 

“In tracing Taylor Swift’s roots back to 1836, EPIC exemplifies its vital role in preserving the rich tapestry of our past, ensuring that each individual thread contributes to the vibrant narrative of our collective history.

“As audiences prepare to witness Taylor’s performances in Ireland, we invite visitors to visit and experience the moving and unforgettable stories of those who left the island of Ireland, and how they influenced and shaped the world.”

You can learn more about ‘The Love Story Before Love Story’ on EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum’s website here.

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