Sustainably-constructed fuel station to open on M1

The innovative new project was designed, engineered, manufactured, and fitted by Glenfort Timber Engineering. 

A brand new sustainably-constructed fuel station is set to open on Ireland's M1 between Dublin and Belfast.

If you’ve driven past Junction 20 recently near the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic, you might have noticed an unusual structure appearing at the side of the road. 

A future-focused take on construction, a brand new sustainably-constructed fuel station is soon to open on the M1 near Jonesborough.

The project, unique in its design, will be the latest Circle K to arrive on the Irish motorway. However, this one will set the standard for the future of Irish fuel stations…

A unique and modern design concept – sustainably-minded manufacturing

The design concept was brought to life by Glenfort Timber Engineering.
Credit: LinkedIn / Cathal Campbell

The sustainably-constructed fuel station is soon due to open on the M1 at Junction 20, Jonesborough. With an attractive and eco-conscious design, the fuel canopy at the latest Circle K will set the standard for the future of manufacturing.

Designed, engineered, manufactured, and fitted by Glenfort Timber Engineering, Ireland’s only full solution mass timber company, the new fuel canopy features state-of-the-art design that has the future in mind. 

The canopy is made from sustainably-sourced Douglas fir timber. This has then been transformed to provide the Glulam tree supports and CLT deck.

The whole thing is then finished off with a polycarbonate roof covering to allow for further support and waterproofing.

A more sustainable option – moving away from traditional steel 

The brand new sustainably-constructed fuel station is a state-of-the-art addition to Ireland's motorway.
Credit: LinkedIn / Cathal Campbell

Glenfort Timber Engineering pride themselves on keeping innovation and sustainability at the forefront of everything they do. 

This new project in collaboration with convenience store and gas station chain Circle K is no exception. In a move away from traditional steel frame canopies, the use of Douglas fir timber is a much more sustainable option.

The company has worked on various other high-profile projects. For example, they constructed the state-of-the-art Padel Club at Adare Manor in County Limerick.

They are also behind the canopy for the electric fuel recharging station at the Maxol Station in Kinnegar and the visitor centre at Avondale Forest Park.

Practical and tasteful design – the perfect fit for Ireland’s landscape

The brand new sustainably-constructed fuel station is the first of its kind.
Credit: LinkedIn / Cathal Campbell

Another fantastic benefit of the design concept behind the sustainably-constructed fuel station on the M1 is how it fits seamlessly into the surrounding Irish landscape

It is a far-cry from the traditional and ugly steel design. This tasteful wood canopy proves to be functional without taking away from the beauty of the natural surroundings. 

Still, you may be wondering about the practicality and safety of a timber structure being used to cover fuel pumps. However, the team at Glenfort have all bases covered. 

Managing Director Cathal Campbell explained, “Glulam has a predictable burn rate. This is taken into consideration at design creating a sacrificial char layer over the required structural beam size.

“This gives protection to the beams which do not bend and buckle like steel in a fire.”

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