Surfer risks life to surf 60 ft. hurricane wave off Irish coast (WATCH)

Hurricane Epsilon brought huge waves off the Irish coast and this surfer seized the opportunity to surf the huge 60ft hurricane wave.

An incredible video shows a daredevil surfer riding the huge 60ft (18m) hurricane waves on the west coast of Ireland brought on by Hurricane Epsilon.

Residents of the UK and Ireland have been warned to expect stormy weather conditions over the coming days as the tail end of Hurricane Epsilon passes over the islands.

However, surfers in Mullaghmore, County Sligo, couldn’t resist catching the waves with many taking to the water as the waves crashed along the shore.

Surfers’ paradise – a rare and special experience

Surfer chose to surf 60 ft. hurricane wave off Irish coast.
Credit: Screenshot / RTE News

Local surfers say these are some of the highest waves they’ve ever seen here and elite surfer Conor Maguire was one of the brave – or crazy – individuals who couldn’t resist the swell.

Speaking to RTÉ News he said, “It was just consistently probably 60 ft plus today; so that was for the whole morning and it’s still pulsing out there right now.

“I can hear it right now outside my bedroom door, it’s that loud.

“I woke up to that noise at five this morning with nerves tingling.”

Hundreds of onlookers turned out to watch the surfers take on the tremendous waves and surf the Irish coast at Mullaghmore Head in County Sligo.

However, most chose to observe social distancing guidelines instead of braving the stormy conditions watching the spectacle from the comfort and warmth of their cars on the cliff-top.

Dangerous conditions – leave it to the pros

Dangerous weather conditions.
Credit: / @ArtistDeirdre

Mullaghmore Head is known for its so-called “mutant waves”, which are often dangerous and unpredictable, so it is not advised for inexperienced surfers to take to the water and surf the Irish coast here.

However, experienced surfers such as Maguire use a technique known as “tow-in” surfing, which allows them to catch faster moving waves.

Emergency services remained in the area as the coast guard helicopter hovered overhead and three jet-skis with trained paramedics kept an eye on the daredevil surfers.

Watch the amazing video here:

Stormy weather – three factors leading to exceptionally high waves

Conor Maguire had to surf 60 ft. HURRICANE WAVE off Irish coast.
Credit: Screenshot / RTE News

Met Éireann forecaster Gavin Gallagher explained the “exceptionally high” waves that occurred off Ireland’s west coast on Wednesday:

“They are exceptionally high waves and most of that is swell height. The three things that are coming together – the swell is technically very high, about eight metres or so.

“You have the wind waves on top of that, which is another couple of metres.

“The full moon is at its peak on 2 November maybe, so we’re getting quite close to spring tides.

“So we’re coming into a period where you would have very high tide as well as the high swell.

“Then we have very strong west/south westerly winds today and indeed tomorrow as well. Those three things, the wind, the swell and the tide have been high.”

So while the stormy conditions may provide a unique chance for elite surfers like Conor Maguire to surf the Irish coast; for the rest of us its probably best to stay indoors.

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