Top 5 styles of Irish CLADDAGH rings available for purchase ONLINE

Looking for the perfect gift or just fancy investing in your own Claddagh ring? Here are the top five styles of Irish Claddagh rings available for purchase online.

Top 5 styles of Irish Claddagh rings available for purchase online.

What makes the Claddagh so interesting is that the way it is worn represents your love status. For example, if you’re single, you might wear it on your right hand with the tip of the heart pointing up.

Then, if you wear it on your left hand on your ring finger with the heart pointing down, that means you’re married!

So, if you are looking to pass on the gift of friendship, declare your love, or just buy yourself something that is an integral part of Irish culture, take a look at our list of the top five styles of Irish Claddagh rings available for purchase online.

5. Classic Irish Claddagh Ring, Meanwhile in Ireland – simple and elegant

This simple yet elegant piece is available on Meanwhile in Ireland.
Credit: Meanwhile in Ireland

We are starting our list off with the classic Irish Claddagh Ring, the perfect gift for a loved one or a ‘treat yourself’ moment for anyone who appreciates Irish culture and heritage.

The Claddagh, adorned with a heart, a crown, and two hands, symbolises a number of different things, including love, loyalty, and friendship.

The design of the Claddagh is said to have originated centuries ago in Claddagh, County Galway, but ever since then, this traditional Irish ring has permeated throughout the country and all over the world.

The Claddagh can be worn simply as a beautiful ring, but it can also be used as an engagement or wedding ring, when you could one day find yourself at any of these best and most exclusive wedding venues in Ireland.

It’s often a family heirloom that is passed on throughout the generations. This classic Irish Claddagh Ring will set you back just £19.99.

4. White Gold Diamond Emerald Claddagh Ring, Glencara – an investment piece

Top 5 styles of Irish Claddagh rings available for purchase online.
Credit: Glencara

This stunning Claddagh ring from Glencara Celtic Jewellery is made from Solid 10K White Gold, so it’s certainly an investment piece.

This ring takes the conventional design but makes it more unique with the synthetic emerald heart in the middle. However, if you prefer an authentic, genuine emerald, you can pay extra for it.

So, this is the perfect piece if the person you’re buying it for is inclined to emeralds. At a cool £377.80, this could act as an engagement ring or a special gift for someone you love.

3. Sterling Silver Open Hand Heart Ring, Ireland Before You Die – a unique twist on the classic Claddagh

This unique twist is available on Ireland Before You Die.

Now, if you are looking for something completely unique, the Sterling Silver Open Hand Heart Ring is just the thing you are looking for.

Perhaps you already have a Claddagh Ring, or the person you are searching for a gift for isn’t the biggest fan of them. Well, this stunning sterling silver ring comprises some of its key elements while leaving others behind.

This ring doesn’t have a crown, but it does have the two clasped hands to represent friendship, with little hearts on the thumb and fingers on either side. It would go well with the best Irish prayers and blessings for friends and family.

As such, this could be a great investment of just £24.99 for you and a friend to represent your friendship using this unique Irish design.

2. Silver Diamond Blue Topaz Claddagh Ring, Glencara – for those who love the colour blue

Top 5 styles of Irish Claddagh rings available for purchase online.
Credit: Glencara

At a reasonable £58.04, this Silver Diamond Blue Topaz Claddagh is made from silver and adorned with a synthetic topaz heart.

Handcrafted in Ireland, you have the classic Claddagh design but with a beautiful blue topaz heart to make this ring entirely unique.

To upgrade this ring to real White Gold, Gold, or Rose Gold, you can invest a further £275.48 to enhance the quality and turn it into more of an investment piece.

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1. Claddagh & Celtic Knot Wedding Band, My Irish Jeweller – a medley of Celtic designs

This wedding band is available from My Irish Jeweller.
Credit: My Irish Jeweller

This beautiful Celtic ring comprises the classic Claddagh ring design but on a band ring that features a Celtic knot design, too.

Made to order, the Claddagh & Celtic Knot Wedding Band is made of a variety of precious metals. This ring is priced at £200, and for an extra £60, you can add a custom engraving, which is perfect for a wedding ring.

As it features the Celtic Knot alternating with the Claddagh design, this ring is the perfect choice for “tying the knot”.


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