Spike Island launching new literary festival in 2022

The new literary festival will take place in the former prison and focus primarily on crime writing.

Cork’s Spike Island is launching a brand new literary festival in 2022.

Dedicated to the theme of crime writing, the festival is due to take place in the second half of 2022 and will feature a series of author talks and workshops.

Industry experts will also be on hand to give advice to those looking to write their own book or break into the publishing world.

The dark past of Spike Island – a notorious prison island

Spike Island to host a literary festival next year.
Credit: Spike Island Development Company

Having been used as an island prison on four separate occasions over the past 400 years, Spike Island is the perfect location for this new crime-focused literary festival.

Famed for its dark and varied past, Spike Island’s last incarnation as a prison was in 1985, only closing its doors in 2004.

Festival-goers will not only have the chance to attend author talks and workshops. Attendees will also be given a special tour of the island’s former prisons, with stories of its former inmates.

One of the most popular attractions in Ireland, the literary festival offers the perfect time to visit for fans of crime fiction.

The first of its kind – Spike Island literary festival

Committee for the Spike Island literary festival.
Credit: spikeislandcork.ie

The Spike Island literary festival will offer a series of author talks, workshops, agent meetings, and publisher advice.

Several authors will be in attendance, offering their experience and advice to budding writers. Agents and publishers will also be there to offer advice on navigating the tricky world of publishing.

Currently, the event is in the funding process with the Irish Arts Council and Cork City Council. Interested sponsorship partners can also contact Spike Island for more information.

Following on from Culture Night – a successful trial run

Cork Culture Night hosted a crime writer's event.
Credit: spikeislandcork.ie

Cork-based author Michelle Dunne is on the festival committee. Joining her is Spike Island General Manager John Crotty and the island museum’s curator, Dorota Gubbins.

Michelle organised a crime-writing event for Cork Culture Night 2021, which proved to be a huge success. The idea for the Spike Island literary festival was inspired by the success of this event.

Spike Island literary festival set to take place next year.
Credit: spikeislandcork.ie

Michelle said, “Cork has a rich and vibrant writing scene and the recent gathering of some of our best crime writers on Spike Island for Culture Night showed just what a broad church the genre is.

“The festival will have crime at its core. But there will be something for everyone, just like the incredible island of Spike itself. This will be Ireland’s most unique literary event of 2022.”

Further details of tickets and events will be launched in early 2022. Find out more at spikeislandcork.ie.

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