Sea levels in Dublin Bay are rising at nearly double the global rate

New research has found that the elevated sea level rising in Dublin is higher than predicted due to climate change.

A new study from Maynooth University on sea level trends in Dublin Bay has found that sea levels in Dublin Bay are rising at nearly double the global rate.

The study looked at sea levels between 1997 and 2016. The results found that levels in Dublin Bay have risen at approximately double the global rate.

Researchers at Maynooth university continue to explore the reasons behind the rise in sea levels.

Rising sea levels – from 1.1 mm to 7 mm

Sea levels in Dublin Bay are rising.
Credit: Giuseppe Milo

The analysis was led by the Hamilton Institute and ICARUS Climate Research Centre at Maynooth University.

The research spanned over the last eight decades. It has proven that sea levels in Dublin Bay are rising at nearly double the globate rate.

According to Maynooth University, the trend shown in the data corresponds to an estimated sea level rise between 1953 and 2016 of 1.1 mm per year in Dublin.

Lead author of the research, Amin Shoari Nejad, said in a statement that “Fluctuations are identified with sea levels rising from 1982 to 1988, before falling from 1989 to 1996, and once again rising from 1997 to 2016 at a rate of 7 mm per year.”

Homes close to sea level – “You cannot hold the sea back”

Climate lecturer warns not to buy homes close to the sea.

Last year, climate lecturer at NUI Galway, Gordon Bromley, spoke on RTE News on the effects of rising sea levels.

He said that the most “logical scenarios” show that more water in the oceans, high tides, and more frequent storms will mean “a lot more coastal flooding”.

Talking about homes near the sea, Bromley responded, “I wouldn’t buy a house close to sea level’.

The study carried out at Maynooth University in County Kildare warns that the factors contributing to rising sea levels must be identified.

We must ensure that Dublin is appropriately prepared for sea-level rises this century due to global warming. They estimate that the seal level will rise by up to 3.2 ft (1 metre) by the year 2150.

Trend estimates – the overall rise

Sea levels in Dublin Bay are rising at over double the expected rate.

Dr Gerard McCarthy of ICARUS at Maynooth University said that if we look at too short of a timeframe, the fluctuations over decades could impact trend estimates.

He said, “But this research has taken a longer view and what we are most confident about from looking at the stretch of years is the overall rise.”

The analysis was published in the scientific journal Ocean Science. Researchers at Maynooth University and colleagues at UCC AND DCU continue to explore the reasons behind why sea levels in Dublin Bay are rising at nearly double the global rate.

A previous 2021 report concluded that Cork was also experiencing higher than anticipated sea level rising.

Dr McCarthy said this could be due to manmade or natural factors, or a “hangover from the last Ice Age”.

He continued, “Understanding this is key to adjust future climate projections of sea-level rise for use in local adaptation.”

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