Revolución de Cuba: Tasty Tapas & Delicious Cocktails In Belfast (REVIEW)

Sitting in the heart of Belfast city is Revolución de Cuba, an extravagant and opulent experiential restaurant and bar.

Located moments from City Hall, this spot is favoured by tourists and city dwellers, couples and groups of friends who favour a little extra splash of sass in their cocktails and a mouth-watering menu of Latin fusion with Western accents.

Considered by locals as being one of the most dynamic dining experiences in Belfast, we here at Ireland Before You Die decided to try Revolución de Cuba for ourselves.


Revolución de Cuba is an impressive venue located in Belfast city centre.

It is grand. It is extravagant. It is Cuba.

French pillars flank a double-door entrance while outdoor woven wicker seating, complete with royal blue sun umbrellas perfectly reflect the grandeur and, simultaneous, easy-going nature of Cuban culture.

Towering ceilings hold regal chandeliers. Low-lighting and candles offer exoticism. In Revolución de Cuba you are transported to a whole other place and time.

Impressive arches and grand columns stretch to the ceiling while marble tables and hidden snugs allow for intimate moments in an otherwise buzzing venue.

Nightly live music and cabaret offer another authentic quality to this predominantly Cuban inspired experience.


Revolución de Cuba draws a steady crowd of groups of friends and courting couples. Additionally, its theatrical and dynamic setting makes it the perfect playground for parties or events.

After work cocktails or the Sunday “Havana Good Time” happy hour, that offers £4.50 cocktails are major draws for the young and restless, also.


The menu at Revolución de Cuba is a tapestry of Latin-American fusion; elements of Cuban, Spanish and Mexican are all accounted for.

Appropriately, the menu reflects the varied aspects of Cuban cuisine, which has been densely influenced by other cultures throughout history.

A tapas menu that offers three dishes for £14 (Monday-Saturday) offers guests an exciting opportunity to try a broad selection of the menu.

Lunch and brunch suggest a curated menu of classics, such as the “Avocado Brunch” or meatier meals such as the “Marinated Chicken Burrito Bowl”.

Vegetarian, vegan and coeliac diets are all well catered for.


An exotic cocktail menu to rival any other bar in Belfast is sure to get you going.

Latin rum-based cocktails take centre stage, while original interpretations of classics ensure all palates are provided for.

Beer, wine and other spirits (as well as soft drinks) ensure a little something for everyone.

What We Had

With the “Homemade Guacamole” to start, you can’t go wrong. Hand-seasoned warm tortilla chips sit alongside a hearty dish of freshly smashed avocado. With dashes of citrus fruit and a kick of chilli, this is the perfect way to whet your appetite.

In an attempt to cover all areas of the menu, the tapas menu is advised. The “Chicken Quesadillas” is fantastic for sharing. Cut into perfect bite-sized portions this dish offers a burst of flavour that is bound to excite your palate.

The “Smokey Chicken Skewers” are not to be missed at Revolución de Cuba; think: tender and seasoned to perfection.

“Pork Belly Skewers” come with a delightful Caribbean style rum-based sauce, alluding to exotic, far-off places in the sun.

The “Halloumi Tacos” is a show-stopper at Revolución. Diced halloumi, squash and courgette sing in a house-made sticky, chilli jam.

Another fantastic side is the “Cajun Cream Mushrooms” which come marinating in a mild cream sauce which bursts with flavours.

Lastly, the “Roast Sweet Potato” is the perfect addition to the table. Hand-carved pieces of sweet potato hide under a bed of fresh spinach, peas, spicy tomato sauce and sour cream. Bacon bits are optional for a meatier meal.


A key impression of any dining experience is service, and Revolución de Cuba soared with flying colours.

Friendly and engaging staff are instrumental to any major venue and it seems that this restaurant has the right team behind its concept, ensuring customers will come back for more.

The only downside to such a large venue, however, is that it can be hard to stay on top of floor sweeps (to ensure all tables are cleared of glasses and finished plates). It is a small detail, but one that can, unfortunately, deter new customers on first impression.


Revolución de Cuba is certainly affordable and the quality of its food far surpasses the price tag.

Happy hour specials and the tapas deal also offers more budget-friendly ways to experience this electric environment.


Without a doubt, Revolución de Cuba lives up to expectations.

From food to service, cocktails to its undeniable Cuban spirit, it is safe to say that this restaurant-bar is something a little different, and different is good.

More Info

Address: 25-39 Arthur St, Belfast BT1 5AR

Phone028 9590 9249