10 FUNNIEST TripAdvisor REVIEWS about the Giant’s Causeway

The Giant’s Causeway has left plenty of visitors disappointed for many reasons. Curious to learn more? Here are some of the funniest Tripadvisor reviews about it that you need to read.

Read on to discover the funniest Tripadvisor reviews about the Giant's Causeway.

The Giant’s Causeway is one of the most impressive natural attractions in Northern Ireland. Yet, according to these hilarious reviews, not everyone would agree. 

We went to TripAdvisor to see what people thought of the popular site. Quickly, it became clear that many have a few comical things to say about it.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the funniest TripAdvisor reviews about the Giant’s Causeway to give you a good laugh.

10. Bring a packed lunch – nothing but an awful cafe

This reviewer left one of the funniest Tripadvisor reviews about the Giant's Causeway, saying that you should bring a packed lunch.
Credit: Screenshot / TripAdvisor

While this review on TripAdvisor didn’t have anything negative to say about the Giant’s Causeway itself, the visitor was appalled by the lack of decent food at the “awful cafe in the visitors’ centre”. 

Since her grandchildren had to share a cheese scone, an apple, and a packet of crisps, she urges future visitors to bring a packed lunch; otherwise, they’ll be disappointed or starve.

9. Just stones – a monumental letdown

This reviewer was pretty disappointed to discover it was "just stones".
Credit: Screenshot / TripAdvisor

One of the funniest Tripadvisor reviews about the Giant’s Causeway was left by a visitor who was disappointed that it was “just stones”. 

She claimed that the UNESCO World Heritage Site is indeed “nothing special”. She then urged others to visit places like Spain, Portugal, or Italy instead.

8. Take it off the list – not worth the effort

One of the funniest Tripadvisor reviews about the Giant's Causeway advises future visitors to take it off their bucket list.
Credit: Screenshot / TripAdvisor

One disappointed visitor took to Tripadvisor to warn people to take this place off their list. Why? 

From the hoards of people being unloaded off tour buses and crammed non-descriptive visitor centres to the guides screaming at people to get off the rocks, this visitor claimed it was a “huge disappointment” and not worth the hassle.

7. A real trap – walking on some special stones

This review says that it's just a tourist trap.
Credit: Screenshot / TripAdvisor

This man claimed that visiting the Giant’s Causeway was not a real nature experience. Having paid £15 to walk on some “special stones”, the visitor called the natural attraction a real “tourist trap” and warned others to “never go there”.

6. Overrated, Overpriced, Disappointing – ideal for a mountain goat

One of the funniest Tripadvisor reviews about the Giant's Causeway says that it's "overrated, overpriced, and disappointing".
Credit: Screenshot / TripAdvisor

As the title of this review suggests, the visitor was utterly disappointed by this “overrated and overpriced” attraction.

They claim that unless you’re a mountain goat, it’s impossible to see where the formations are when it’s high tide.

5. Third nicest pile of rocks – tour guides feed the giant

One of the funniest Tripadvisor reviews about the Giant's Causeway says that it's the third nicest pile of rocks they've ever seen.
Credit: Screenshot / TripAdvisor

Describing the visit to the Giant’s Causeway as a reminder of what it’s like “opening a birthday card from a relative and they left no money inside”, this visitor was left utterly disappointed by the attraction. 

They called the landmark the “third nicest pile of rocks we’d seen that weekend”. This reviewer claimed that it’s an ideal attraction “if you like looking at rocks, climbing rocks, and taking selfies with rocks”.

4. Biggest disappointment ever – just Google images instead

This reviewer says that it was the "biggest disappointment ever".
Credit: Screenshot / TripAdvisor

This visitor wrote a review on Tripadvisor expressing their disappointment. In it, they said that the visitors’ centre was just a large shop full of unwanted junk. 

At the same time, they also said the stones themselves were a huge letdown. Claiming the stones don’t stretch very far and are smaller than imagined, they warned people to skip the visit and look at Google images instead.

3. Just look on Google Earth – nothing but a big hype

One of the funniest Tripadvisor reviews about the Giant's Causeway says that you should just look at it on Google Earth.
Credit: Screenshot / TripAdvisor

According to this previous visitor, who visited TripAdvisor to express their disappointment, you would be better off using Google Earth to see the site. 

Calling it a “giant tourist trap,” the visitor described it as a “pile of odd rocks.” They added that “unless you are a geologist, this is nothing but a big hype.”

2. Horror show – hordes of walking zombies

One reviewer called the attraction a "horror show" where visitors walk around like "zombies".
Credit: Screenshot / TripAdvisor

Describing her visit to the Giant’s Causeway as “bedlam”, this visitor was appalled by the hordes of visitors walking like zombies with their audio guides in while others shuffled “lemming-like” behind their tour guides. 

One of the funniest parts of the review was when she said, “There’s more opportunity for a spiritual moment at the Boxing Day sales”.

1. Awful, just awful – odd rocks and no giants

One of the funniest Tripadvisor reviews about the Giant's Causeway simply says that it was "awful, just awful".
Credit: Screenshot / TripAdvisor

One of the funniest Tripadvisor reviews about the Giant’s Causeway was left by a previous visitor who warned others of their “awful, just awful experience”. But why was it so awful? 

Firstly, the visitor was disappointed at the “pile of odd-shaped rocks”. Then, she highlighted the fact that there were “no giants”, claiming that the Giant’s Causeway is camera shy.

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