Review: The Foggy Dew Inn is a must-visit in Wexford

Located on the main street in Wexford town, the Foggy Dew Inn is an Irish pub that is well-loved by locals and tourists alike and for a good reason.

Pubs play an important role in Irish culture, and they are always the place to go to experience the best Ireland and Irish people have to offer.

In the best Irish pubs, you will always receive a friendly welcome and will be sure to have a lot of craic and some memorable and fun experiences.

The Foggy Dew Inn in County Wexford in Ireland’s sunny southeast is one such pub that delivers a great experience to those who go through its doors.  

In this article, we will review the Foggy Dew Inn and detail our experience of visiting there.

A well-known pub – favoured by locals and visitors alike

The Foggy Dew Inn in Wexford is a must-visit.

As the pub has been around in one shape or form for the last 300 years, it’s safe to say that the Foggy Dew Inn is a well-known pub around Wexford town.

It is not only a popular haunt for locals in the town but also for many tourists. The pub is known for also operating as a bed and breakfast and regularly welcomes guests from Ireland and abroad.

Dealing with challenges and tragedy – adapt and overcome

The Foggy Dew Inn has faced a lot of tragedy recently.

Over the last two years, every pub in Ireland has had to deal with quite a bit of adversity. Still, it’s fair to say that the Foggy Dew Inn had to deal with a lot more than most.

Firstly due to the coronavirus pandemic, the pub had to close to the public on the 14 March 2020. However, the bed and breakfast section of the pub was able to stay in operation as it was deemed essential.

The pub used this downtime efficiently and spent almost a year doing extensive renovation and modernisation of the premises in anticipation of reopening once the covid restrictions were relaxed.

However, further disaster struck on 7 February 2021 when the pub was severely damaged in an accidental fire. At this stage, the pub could no longer operate as a bed and breakfast, so they were completely closed to the public.

Getting back on their feet – onwards and upwards

They have reopened bigger and better than ever.

After a few anxious months of uncertainty, the insurance came through, and they were granted planning permission to begin the rebuilding job.

As the pub was rebuilt, many things were changed and improved upon concerning the original layout. For instance, a cosy snug and huge beer garden were added.

During the rebuild, the discovery was made of a 200-year-old brick wall and 300-year-old wooden beams within the pub. Both of these are now proudly displayed as you enter the premises.

The Foggy Dew Inn reopened this March.

Over a year after the fire, the pub reopened on 10 March 2022, just in time for the busy Cheltenham season and St Patrick’s Day.

According to the owner Michael McDonald, the support they received from both old and new customers was overwhelming and something he is genuinely grateful for.

Currently, the bed and breakfast section above the pub is nearing completion. The Foggy Dew Inn is looking forward to welcoming back all their old bed and breakfast guests with a new comfy room and a great breakfast from their extensive breakfast menu.

First impressions – warm and inviting

The entryway is inviting and open.

Upon entering the Foggy Dew Inn, your first impression is likely to be one that will give you a feeling of being welcomed in.

The bar is similar to traditional Irish pubs of old with its layout. The visual look of the place coincides with this with the centuries-old wooden beams and brick walls.

The best way to describe the layout and vibe of the bar is that it is classic and traditional.

The staff at the pub were all incredibly professional and helpful. The bartenders are masters at pulling the perfect pint and concocting the most delicious cocktail.

The Foggy Dew Inn reopened with a new beer garden.

The best way to describe the atmosphere in the Foggy Dew Inn is to say that it is friendly, fun, and full of craic. No matter the time, day or night, there is always something going on and fun to be had.

The excellent beer garden with a capacity of approximately 120 people was a new addition to the bar after it was rebuilt following the fire.

It has helped completely transform the bar by not only increasing the space but also acting as a great area for functions. The beer garden is perfect for those wishing to enjoy a drink in the lovely summer air.

Great drink offers, regular live music, and sporting events – a pub with much to offer

Grab a drink from their bar.

Are you looking to catch a sporting event or to experience some great live music? If so, then the Foggy Dew Inn is undoubtedly the place to be, as it has so much to offer visitors.

They have over ten modern flat-screen TVs throughout the pub, including a massive 78-inch screen. So, you can always rest assured that whatever sport takes your fancy, you will catch it live here.

The Foggy Dew Inn also happens to be known for being the best place in Wexford for karaoke enthusiasts; they have karaoke nights from Thursdays to Sundays.

The Foggy Dew Inn is a must-visit.

For those wishing to hear live music from professionals, the pub has you covered. They have live music from Monday to Wednesday.

They also have live music in the beer garden on Sundays from 6.45 pm to 8.45 pm. Thus, showcasing the best of local and national Irish talent.

With the pub’s professional sound system and speakers, you will have no trouble hearing all the great music.

Sex on the Beach cocktail.

The pub offers a great range of drinks and has some outstanding value offers. You can enjoy two cocktails for €16, six shots for €24, and three long necks for €12.

The pub also has a comprehensive and exotic range of cocktails. When visiting, I gave their signature Sex on the Beach cocktail a go; it was an absolute treat for the senses.

As a thank you to customers for their loyal support, the pub also has Thirsty Thursdays. This means that after 8 pm on Thursdays, all drinks, excluding cocktails, are just €4!

Overall opinion – one of the best pubs in Wexford

We loved visiting the Foggy Dew Inn.

At its core, the Foggy Dew Inn is a truly traditional Irish pub with a lot of heart and history. In our opinion, it is certainly one not to be missed when visiting Wexford town.

With their combination of great drink offers, regular hosting of live music and sporting events, and karaoke, there is something for everyone to enjoy at the Foggy Dew Inn.

Do yourself a favour and make sure you check out this pub; you won’t regret it!

This review was commissioned by The Foggy Dew Inn

For transparency, we must state that this review was commissioned by The Foggy Dew Inn. The owners of the pub believe it is one of the best establishments in Wexford, and they wanted us to let our followers know what we thought of it. This review is our honest opinion.

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