Curated Kitchen: A TASTY Brunch Spot In Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter (REVIEW)

Curated Kitchen is a contemporary café which is a favourite of Belfast locals who love speciality coffee and inventive dishes.

Located opposite the stunning St. Anne’s Cathedral (also known as Belfast Cathedral), this café’s unique selling point is that it offers an ever-changing menu of dishes chosen from forever-loved cookbooks, as well as the odd original.

Curated Kitchen is favoured by those with a penchant for fancy coffee and even more so, elevated brunch and lunch dishes.

Needless to say, we here at Ireland Before You Die had to see what all the fuss was about.


Depending on the day and time, Curated Kitchen, like most brunch and lunch spots, can be laid-back or lively.

Weekends draw the biggest crowds. And, seeing as the brunch trend continues to sweep the nation, expect tonnes of hungover-heads, as well as old friends catching up over a coffee and some cake, couples and families, too.

The space itself is airy and minimal with tall ceilings and contemporary décor. With a glass window façade, Curated Kitchen can be a great spot for people-watching over a book and a brew.

Seating an intimate number, the space offers enough room to be comfortable while feeling buzzy when it is busy.

Food Menu

Seeing as the food menu is rotating with new and exciting dishes weekly, we advise you to check Curated Kitchen’s website for the most recent offering.

The website is updated weekly, assuring its customers a direct portal into the week in question chosen picks.

The team at Curated selects exciting dishes by hand from some of the most-loved household cookbooks.

These cookbooks are in fact a featured accent of the space itself; sitting snug on a shelf, pages dog-eared, dust-jackets worn. Truly, these cookbooks are “much loved”.

Drink Menu

Coffee is the poison of choice here at Curated Kitchen and people from all over the city come from far and wide to get their caffeine fix.

Whether you’re an espresso-king or latte-queen, you can rest assured this is perhaps one of the best coffees you’re going to get in Belfast city.

What We Had

The menu itself is bountiful for an adventurous palate with exciting and exotic ingredients sure to make you sweat.

For those of you looking for a more simplistic brunch offering however, the choice may be limited.

The single dish on offer (on that specific day) that was the original recipe of Curated Kitchen was a classic plate of poached eggs on sourdough with avocado and bacon. Note: mushrooms can be substituted to make the dish vegetarian.

The dish itself was ideal. The poached eggs were cooked to perfection – solid on the outside, warm and runny on the inside. Served on a hearty slice of home-baked sourdough, the dish also came with a half an avocado sliced.


Service at Curated Kitchen is on-point. The servers themselves are young and knowledgeable about their product. And, they sure know how to make a solid cup of coffee.

The serving style is laid-back. Customers first take their seat, wherever is free, and after reviewing the menu can order and pay at the counter.

Gift vouchers are available for anyone keen to share in the delight of a freshly baked treat or a steaming cup of speciality coffee.


The prices are affordable and in line with other café and brunch spots of its calibre. In terms of quality, the prices are on-point and anything less would be considered cheap.


Overall, Curated Kitchen does what it does well. The coffee cannot be criticised and is made to perfection by its team of well-trained baristas. The food was cooked to fantastic, too. So again, no flaws to note.

With all that being said, one thing that may pose as a challenge for those with less adventurous palates is that the menu is quite exotic and doesn’t offer many “basic” dishes (bar the eggs and avocado dish).

More so, the menu is suited more for lunchtime, with dishes such as “Lamb Shawarma Wrap”, “Flat Iron Steak w/ Flat Cap Mushrooms” and “Pepperonata & Coppa Ham Panini” dominating the menu.

Nevertheless, Curated Kitchen – in terms of quality and price – is fantastic. Just check the menu in advance to make sure you’re on board for that week’s offering.

More Info

Address60 Donegall St, Belfast BT1 2GT, UK

Email: [email protected]


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