REVEALED: The Irish celebrity people would most like to have a Paddy’s Day pint with

St. Patrick’s Day 2019 is nearly here, and over 13 million pints of Guinness will be consumed worldwide! 

Given the age old tradition of having the craic and celebrating Paddy’s Day in your favourite pub, if you could have a drink with a famous Irish person, who would you choose?

Well, Love Irish Tours surveyed 1,000 people in Ireland and asked them just that –  Which of these Irish personalities would you like to have a St. Patrick’s Day drink with?’

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given their hilarious way with words, the Irish public choose the O’Donovan brothers to have a pint and the craic with on Patrick’s Day.

The funny and all-around good guys even overtook Conor McGregor, who only made second place, with 18% overall.

World Champions and Olympic silver medallists in rowing, it’s not just their accolades that have made them famous, but their down to earth interview style and magnificent one liners. Check out their classic post-race interview again.

Dubliners still have a lot of love for, or perhaps given recent events, a fascination with Conor McGregor, with 19% choosing to have a Paddy’s Day pint with him.

Top of the list for those aged 18-24 was also McGregor, along with Saoirse Ronan and Blindboy; who wouldn’t want to be a fly on the wall for that group chat!

Conor McGregor was also the number one choice for those aged 25-34, giving him a generous 26% as their favourite drinking mate, whereas only 6% of those over 65 wanted to have a drink with the UFC fighter.

The Irish stayed loyal to their home counties, with Corkonians choosing their fellow brothers, Paul and Gary O’Donovan, with an impressive 33%.

The O’Donovan brothers were also the number one choice for those over 45.

Irish women want to have the chats and a drink with fellow Irishwoman and actress Amy Huberman; Not surprising given her hilarious Instagram feed. Despite, her global fame, Saoirse Ronan came in second, although not far behind.

Amy was also a top choice with those over 45. We can imagine a great session being had for the over 45s with Paul, Gary and Amy!

Men followed that trend and selected O’Donovan brothers and Blindboy as their choice to have a drink with on Paddy’s Day.

Blindboy was the first choice of those between 35-44, choosing the Irish rapper to have a craic with on Paddy’s day.

Leo Varadkar and Mary Robinson were the least popular overall and more popular with those over 65. For a bit of fun on Paddy’s Day, perhaps they are a bit too serious of a choice. 

So, who would you choose to have a Paddy’s Day pint with? Someone on this list, or an entirely different Irish personality? Let us know in the comments.

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