Research reveals Ireland’s sexiest accents

It’s a widely debated topic across the Emerald Isle, but brand new research has given conclusive results about Ireland’s sexiest accents.

It’s no secret that the Irish accent is one of the most-loved around the world. However, the debate rages on within the country itself about which region reigns supreme.

Some may say Dublin, while others will put forth their argument for the Corkonion lilt. Some people can’t get enough of the Northern Irish accent, and others prefer the soft tones of Donegal.

However, new research has been conducted to bring an end to all the arguments, as Ireland’s sexiest accents are revealed.

The sexiest accent in Ireland – from all across the Emerald Isle

Ireland's sexiest accents have been revealed.
Credit: Facebook / Daniel O’Donnell

The Irish accent has time and time again been voted the sexiest accent in the world, beating the likes of Italian and French to claim the top spot.

However, the argument over which Irish accent reigns supreme has been raging for generations. Now, hotel chain Jury’s Inn has taken it upon themselves to uncover the ultimate guide to Ireland’s sexiest accents.

According to their findings, Donegal tops the shop as the home of the sexiest accent in Ireland. No wonder all our grannies can’t resist the charm of Donegal’s Daniel O’Donnell.

In the lead up to Valentine’s Day, Jury’s Inn wanted to discover where in Ireland has the most appeal, concluding that the northwestern county is the undeniable winner.

Conclusive research reveals Ireland’s sexiest accents – we can’t deny it now

Donegal tops the rankings as the sexiest accent in Ireland.
Credit: Fáilte Ireland

Jury’s Inn surveyed over 1000 people to discover which Irish accents they find irresistible. A massive 37% admitted that it’s the musical tones of Donegal that they just can’t get enough of.

Coming just behind Donegal to claim second place is Cork. From one end of the Wild Atlantic Way to the other, it seems the Atlantic sea air has done some magic on the vocal cords of these Irish residents.  

A respectable 13% of those surveyed claimed the Cork accent was the one for them.

Perhaps the most famous Irish accent of all, the quirky brogue of Dublin, claimed third place. Ranking just behind Cork, 12% of surveyees reveal the capital as the home of their favourite accent.

The most attractive people in Ireland – not all about the accents

Brand new research reveals Ireland's sexiest accents.
Credit: Fáilte Ireland

The research from Jury’s Inn not only revealed Ireland’s sexiest accents, however.

Dubs can rejoice as an incredible 28% of those surveyed revealed that they found Dublin men the most attractive of the 32 counties. Meanwhile, 27% revealed that they found Dublin women to be the most attractive in Ireland.

Outside of Ireland, the accents that came out top as the most attractive were French, with 24%, Australian, with 18%, and Italian, with 17%.

Suzanne Cannon is the Head of Marketing at Jury’s Inn. Revealing the results of the survey, she said, “Valentine’s Day has become a fun day for all to pamper people they love, whether it’s a romantic, familial, or platonic relationship.

“While our research has some playful findings, it also shows that the Irish have a lot to give!”

So, do you agree with the results of Ireland’s sexiest accents? Let us know which is your favourite Irish lilt in the comments!

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