You can now rent a lifesize inflatable Irish pub for your garden

With pubs across the Emerald Isle still closed, now may be the perfect time to rent a lifesize inflatable pub for pints in your back garden.

As pubs across Ireland remain closed due to lockdown and coronavirus restrictions, we may have found the perfect solution for those craving a pint in the pub: you can now rent a lifesize inflatable Irish pub for your garden!

While most of us have had to become accustomed to homemade cocktails, supermarket beer, and takeaway pints, it is no surprise that many across the Emerald Isle are eagerly awaiting the day the pubs can reopen.

However, for now, we may have to settle for the next best thing.

A lifesize inflatable pub – the adult bouncy castle

Rent a lifesize inflatable Irish pub for your garden.

Irish inflatables company Toons and Balloons have come up with the genius idea to create a lifesize inflatable Irish pub for your garden that is available to rent.

Complete with bar tables, chairs, and lighting, the giant inflatable pub is available for hire across all 32 counties in Ireland. All you need to do is provide the drinks!

Standing at an incredible six metres (20 ft) tall and eight by seven metres (26 x 23 ft) wide, there is enough room for 50 people standing or 35 seated.

A great idea – your very own beer garden

Have a beer in your garden!

Abiding by current government regulations, renting the lifesize inflatable Irish pub is currently on a strict no-contact basis and is intended to be used only by members of your own household.

The inflatable pub will be delivered directly to your garden through a side entrance while no other person is in your garden aside from the Toons and Balloons staff.

Access to a power source in an outhouse, garage, or via an extension lead left outside is required, and the company staff will sanitize the inflatable pub on both delivery and collection.

Complying with health and safety guidelines – staying safe

Rent a lifesize inflatable Irish pub.

Renting the lifesize inflatable Irish pub for your garden is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday, have a few pints, and enjoy that Irish pub feeling from the safety of your own home.

The company website states that it is the customer’s responsibility to comply with HSE guidelines, ensuring appropriate social distancing is applied. Further, you should ensure that the unit is only cleaned by members of your own household.

Toons and Balloons have headquarters in both Mayo and Dublin and provide several services, including bingo, inflatable games, marquees, music, photo booths and more.

So, as the lighter nights approach and you’re missing the atmosphere of an Irish pub or beer garden, this may be the perfect way to enjoy a pint of Guinness and feel a sense of normality!

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