Renewed hopes as Fungie the dolphin ‘spotted off Irish coast’

Fungie first appeared in Dingle Bay in 1983 and, over the years, has become one of the town’s most beloved residents. The friendly dolphin had been missing since October last year, but there are renewed hopes as Fungie the dolphin ‘spotted off Irish coast’.

An Irish marine wildlife group have reported sightings of a solitary bottlenose dolphin off the Old Head of Kinsale that bears a striking resemblance to Fungie.

Possible sightings – a fun-loving dolphin

Fungie the dolphin ‘spotted off Irish coast’.
Credit: Flickr / Dulup

When faith in finding Fungie was beginning to wane, hopes have been renewed as possible Fungie the dolphin ‘spotted off Irish coast’.

Footage emerged on Sunday of a solitary bottlenose dolphin interacting with boats off the Old Head of Kinsale, and many have noted the striking resemblance to the beloved Dingle resident.

According to ORCA Ireland, an ocean research and conservation association, said this is the second sighting of a similar-looking dolphin that could be Fungie.

Hopes for Fungie Dingle’s beloved resident

The statue of Fungie in Dingle.
Credit: Fáilte Ireland

In a video shared on Twitter by ObserversApp, a lively dolphin can be seen swimming around some boats and investigating the new surroundings.

Locals and tourists alike were devastated last October after reports emerged that Fungie had disappeared from Dingle Bay, but many are hopeful that this renewed sighting could be the fun-loving resident.

As one of the main draws for tourists to the quaint Irish town of Dingle, alongside its rugged scenery and sandy beaches, many have missed the famous dolphin.

Since he first appeared in Dingle Bay 37 years ago, a statue of the long-time harbour resident has been erected at the waterfront to show the love for the friendly dolphin.

Search attempts – trying to find Fungie

Fungie the dolphin ‘spotted off Irish coast’.

As a vital part of Dingle town and a huge draw for tourists from all over Ireland and worldwide, many boat tours took tourists out to say hello to the friendly dolphin.

In the initial days following his disappearance last October, many search attempts were launched to help relocate the dolphin. However, these attempts were called off after no trace of Fungie were found.

Speaking to the Irish Mirror, Jim Flannery, owner of Dingle Sea Seafari tours, highlights the feelings of renewed hopes as possible Fungie the dolphin is spotted off the Irish coast.

He said, “He’s pulled me through thick and thin. I’ve spent times with him when I needed just some company and not human company. I’ve spent it with him.”

“He’s an institution. He was the mascot; he was the sentinel at the entrance to the harbour that would meet and greet every boat no matter what.”

Watch the video of possible Fungie the dolphin spotted off the Irish coast:

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