Red Bull Park Drift is coming to Belfast this month

The world-famous drifting event is headed for Northern Ireland later this month. Here is everything you need to know.

Red Bull Park Drift is coming to Belfast this month, and fans of fast cars couldn’t be more excited.

The world-class car park drift series is one of the most anticipated events in the motorsports calendar, with millions turning in to watch the exhilarating show every year.

This year, 30 top drifters will show their skills at Belfast’s Titanic Quarter on Sunday, 21 November.

One of the most exhilarating drifting events – tickets will sell out quick

Red Bull Park Drift coming to Belfast later this month.
Credit: Pixabay / altugparlak

Red Bull is known for its hair-raising stunts and risky sporting endeavours, and Red Bull Park Drift is no exception. The thrilling series takes speed to another level as drivers navigate a tricky obstacle course as fast as they can.

Northern Irish fans of the sport have plenty to look forward to as Red Bull Park Drift is coming to Belfast this month for the penultimate stop in this year’s series.

The event will see 30 top drifters from all across the island of Ireland manoeuver their way through the car park track that has been custom-built on the banks of the River Lagan.

Red Bull Park Drift is coming to Belfast this month – an unmissable event

Red Bull Park Drift coming to Belfast this month.
Credit: Tourism Ireland

The motorsports event of the year will mark the first of the 2022 series qualifiers in Belfast. And, a limited number of tickets are up for grabs for the final day.

You better be quick if you want the chance to witness this thrilling event first hand; tickets are sure to sell out fast.

Daredevil drifters will compete to achieve the highest score before moving on to the next round. Rounds are split into Heat 1, Top 8, and Final 4. Performances will be marked up to a total of over a total of 400 points by four expert judges.

Fans of the sport will also delight in the news that the event at Belfast’s Titanic Quarter will also feature a special guest appearance and display from Ireland’s top drift racer, Red Bull Athlete Conor Shanahan.

What is drifting? – one of the fastest-growing motorsports in the world

Drifting began on Japanese mountain roads in the 1970s.

The Red Bull Park Drift event that is coming to Belfast this month is a far cry from the sport’s beginnings back in 1960s Japan.

Drifting is now one of the fastest-growing motorsports disciplines in the world. However, it all began when a group of like-minded racers set out to beat their A to B times along winding Japanese mountain roads.

How they managed this was by exceeding their tyres’ grip limits when taking tight corners.

It is from these humble beginnings that the sport of drifting was born. By 1970, it was featured in the renowned All Japan Touring Car Championship. However, it would be 20 years before the international scene would recognise the sport.

How to get tickets – you won’t want to miss this

Red Bull Park Drift is coming to Belfast this month.
Credit: Flickr / Smudge 9000

Red Bull Park Drift is coming to Belfast this month. There are a limited number of standing and seated tickets up for grabs.

The event is set to take place on Sunday, 21 November, from 5 pm to 8 pm. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased from the Red Bull Ireland website here.

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