Red Bull Cliff Diving Series is coming to Northern Ireland this summer

From Boston to Ballycastle! Expert divers face a challenge in the cold waters of the Causeway Coast.

Red Bull Cliff Diving Series is coming to NI this summer.

Some of the world’s most skilled divers will take the plunge into chilly waters this summer as the Red Bull Cliff Diving Series is coming to Northern Ireland.

Cold-water swimming has seen a boom in popularity in recent years, with many touting its benefits for both mental and physical health (once you get past the chattering teeth and aching limbs).

But it takes a skilled athlete to dive into the freezing waters of the Causeway Coast from 89 feet (27 metres)! And that’s just what 24 divers will do when they compete in the world championships this July.

What is the Red Bull Cliff Diving Series? – a nail-biting extreme sport

A competitor diving from a platform at the Red Bull Cliff Diving Series in Boston, 2012.
Credit: Flickr/ Mad Ball

Fans of diving will be excited at the news that the Red Bull Cliff Diving series is coming to Ireland, but what exactly is the series?

Established in 2009, The Red Bull Cliff Diving Series has been sending viewers’ pulses racing ever since, with 24 divers competing every year for the title of World Champion.

12 men use their skill and concentration to dive from a maximum height of 89 feet (27 metres), while 12 women dive from a maximum of 69 feet (21 metres).

A winner is then crowned in both categories.

Cliff diving on the Causeway Coast – a historic first for the series

This will be the first time that the series has held an event in Northern Ireland, which is known for its cold and choppy waters.

The closest they have come before this is when the athletes plunged into the coast around Downpatrick Head in Mayo in 2021.

Neither location is for the faint of heart, so we recommend you don’t get too inspired and go to try it yourself. Best to leave this type of thing to the professionals.

Where can you watch? – get a front-row seat to the action

The rugged Antrim Coast with crashing waves below cliffs.
Credit: Ireland’s Content Pool/ Tourism Ireland

The fact that the Red Bull Cliff Diving Series is coming to Ballycastle is certainly exciting, as the challenge attracts some of the world’s most skilled and talented divers. But how can you watch?

Firstly, you can see it live and in person. The event is open to the public, so you can really take in the anticipation (and nail-biting tension) up close.

But if you don’t fancy braving the chilly Causeway Coast, don’t worry. The finals will be screened live on Red Bull TV.

Mark Saturday, 20 July 2024, in your calendars! You can tune in for the women’s finals at 17:45 BST, with the men’s finals taking place after at 18:30 BST.

Whether you’re a keen diving enthusiast or simply interested in seeing the spectacle close to home, it’s sure to be an event to remember.

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