5 Reasons Why A Jambon is Ireland’s Favourite Hangover Comfort Food

When I say the word ‘Jambon’, what springs to mind? The French word for ‘Ham’ perhaps and the urge to cycle through Paris with a basket full of garlic and a baguette over your nautical shoulder?

Well, my cultured friends, you would be wrong!

The word ‘Jambon’ has been awarded a whole new meaning in Ireland. It says so much more to the Irish than it ever did to the French.

A symbol of something so satisfying it has been said to cure to the mother of all hangovers, giving it pride of place in delis all over the Emerald Isle.

We look at 5 of the top reasons why a Jambon is the favourite source of comfort Irish people reach for in their hour of need. Have you tried it yet?

5. Deliciously Carbarific

With Saint Patrick’s weekend mere days ago some of you may still be desperately trying to shove vague memories of your antics after one too many shots to the deepest corner of your brain.

You might even still be feeling fragile after far too much Guinness. But what did you reach for the morning after the night before?

Well, if you celebrated in Ireland chances are you indulged in a Jambon (or three).

A hangover can leave a person feeling fragile, to say the least, with a rake of Guinness taking it to a whole other level.

All the natural salts have been drained from your body and you feel like you might just die.

You crave carbohydrates, preferably oozing greasy cheese and lodged with salty pieces of ham and a Jambon is just the ticket.

Washed down with a two litre of 7Up and copious amounts of tea and you will feel brand new.

4. Convenience

Waking up with a hangover is no fun. A sore head, sick stomach and a room that won’t stop spinning are just some of the delightful symptoms you might experience.

Like Bambi approaching the ice, you are not sure how you will make it to the bathroom, never mind the supermarket!

A seasoned drinker, familiar with the whole Jambon experience, is likely to have a plan of action at this point.

They will know exactly where to get one, usually at the local Centra or petrol station (although we would NOT advise anyone to drive at this point!)

They will know the quickest route to the source of the cure or have someone on standby, usually a concerned parent or bribed sibling, to go out and get the Jambon for them.

3. Easy to eat

Eating food after a heavy night out can be a challenge. Your brain is telling you to take in as many calories as humanly possible but your stomach has other ideas.

But with a Jambon this is not the case. The flaky pastry is not too heavy on your fragile tummy while the cheese and ham have enough calorific comfort to satisfy your cravings.

Best eaten out of the foil or a paper bag means there is minimal cleanup and using cutlery would only ruin the whole experience.

Simply hold it steady and bite into the heavenly taste.

Just be careful not to burn your mouth….those bad-boys can be deceivingly hot in the middle!

2. Greasy ‘nom-nom’ soakage

One of the most important qualities in a hangover cure is its ability to soak up all the alcohol that is still sloshing around your insides.

The perfect combination of pastry, cheese, ham and grease in a Jambon does the job.

Once eaten you will feel satisfied, if not a bit thirsty, and ready to start your day. Well, at least until early lunch when you will crave another Jambon!

1. Your friends will love you forever!

If you are one of those irritating people who never get a hangover no matter how much you drink then the least you can do is look after your friends in their hour of need.

Once back from your morning jog (you know who you are!!) then get yourself round to Centra and buy a bag of hot Jambons for your friends.

Deliver them with a large bottle of 7Up to receive your ‘Friend of the Month’ award.

Within moments you will see your pals come alive with relief and joy.

You could even share a moment with a (soft) rendition of the Fupen Eejits’ number one hit song ‘Jambon’.

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