Public transport fares cut by 50% for young people in new measures

Fares for young people have been halved in recent measures to encourage more use of public transport available across the country.

Coming into effect from Monday, 9 May 2022, Government ministers introduced measures to halve public transport fares for young people.

The National Transport Authority (NTA) announced the move over the weekend. This 50% cut is to apply to all subsidised public transport journeys on Irish Rail, Dublin Bus, Bus Eireann, Luas, Local Link, and Go-Ahead Ireland.

This permanent move has been described as unprecedented. The Government hopes that more young people will now use the abundant forms of transport habitually.

Who is eligible for the reduction? – make sure to get a Leap Card 

Get a Leap Card to avail of the public transport cuts for young people.

The new reduction in fares will apply to all adults aged 19 to 23, up to the day they turn 24. To enjoy the new prices, you may need a Leap card.

If you own a Student Leap Card, the cuts would have applied to your card as of yesterday. If you don’t have this card and are within the aforementioned age bracket, you will need to apply for a Young Adult Leap Card.

The facility for applying for this new card opened yesterday and can be reached here. Government ministers have promised these cards will be released “promptly” as they are produced in Ireland.

Calculating the cuts – what the reduction means

Dublin bus services have also been reduced.

The new reductions mean that young people in Ireland will only have to pay 65c for a short journey on public transport. Meanwhile, the TFI 90-minute journeys will only cost €1.

Also coming into effect from Monday was a 20% decrease in fares for all forms of public transport in the Greater Dublin area. Furthermore, the Government slashed fares outside of the capital by 20% last month.

Taken in conjunction with all of this, public transport prices have dropped by around 60% in total for young people. It will hopefully see a greater usage by those within the eligible age bracket.

Creating habits – making public transport more attractive

Public transport fares for young people cut by 50%.

Minister for Transport, Eamon Ryan, introduced the public transport price cut for young people.

He said, “When I announced a permanent 50 per cent fare reduction for young adults in Budget 2022, I really wanted to make public transport more attractive for young people so that using public transport could become a habit of a lifetime.”

Ryan described the move as “unprecedented and quite radical”.

Anne Graham is chief executive of the NTA. She added, “Value for money is not the only factor that gets people on public transport”.

However, she continued, “It is an important one. We do know that cutting fares to such an extent will make public transport more attractive to more young adults.”

Locals in Mallow, County Cork, will particularly welcome the news. Here, ministers introduced the move to the county’s commuter rail fares area. So, young adults can now travel from Mallow to any Cork station for just €1.95.

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