Praise for Irish bus driver’s heart-warming preparation for return of special education kids

The kind-hearted bus driver has come up with a great idea to cheer up the students on their return to school.

An Irish bus driver’s heart-warming preparation for return of special education kids has melted hearts across the country with his thoughtful idea.

Special education schools are set to reopen at a 50% capacity across Ireland on Thursday 11 February, after being closed for weeks due to a spike in the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, this thoughtful bus driver can’t wait to take the kids on their daily journey to school, and he has come up with the best idea to start their day off right.

A kind gesture – going above and beyond

Irish bus driver's heart warming preparation has gone viral.
Credit: / Albert Bridge

Wicklow native James Connor works as a bus driver for school kids with disabilities, and he has spent his last few weeks off coming up with great ways to put a smile on the children’s faces when they’re reunited.

James’ daughter Grace shared a tweet revealing that her dad had spent his time coming up with a list of jokes to tell the kids on their bus journey to school.

As well as some great jokes to make the kids laugh, James has also prepared a playlist of the student’s favourite songs, so they can enjoy their favourite music on their way to school.

In the tweet, Grace revealed, “Dad is a bus driver for a special education school and is back to work on Thursday.

“He has an A4 page full of knock-knock jokes ready for the kids, and a playlist picked out of their favourite songs.”

Praise for a kind act – a great response on Twitter

Irish bus driver's heart warming preparation for kids' return to school / @Hans

Grace’s Twitter followers responded with words of support for James’ kind gesture.

One wrote, “Oh Grace, that is so lovely!

“My son, who also attends a special school takes a taxi with a driver that is exactly like your dad. So caring! He stops for nature lessons for my son along the way.

“These are the unsung heroes of our children with special needs.”

Another praised the Irish bus driver’s heart warming preparation, writing, “I love hearing stories like this.

“I had the best experience on placement in a special education school last year, and I got to see myself how much the bus drivers made an impression on the students every morning and evening. Your dad is doing it right.”

Grace also revealed that her dad had created a Facebook group during the first lockdown called, ‘I am happy because…’ in which people can share something they are happy about today.

The perfect way to lift spirits during a difficult year!

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