Portglenone Sunflower Field to open again this week

Open on a seasonal basis, Portglenone Sunflower Field in County Antrim is set to open again this week.

Portglenone Sunflower Field in County Antrim is set to open again this week. And, what better week is there?

With a heatwave brewing across the country, you can enjoy the beautiful flowers in all their glory with the sun shining down.

Despite growing in popularity over the years, Portglenone Sunflower Field remains one of the great hidden gems in Northern Ireland.

The perfect place for a day out, it has been announced on their Facebook page that they will open once more this Wednesday 10 August.

The Portglenone Sunflower Field – how it all began

Damian McAllister, Portglenone Sunflower Field.
Credit: Facebook / Sunflower Field Portglenone

Damian McAllister, a farmer from County Antrim, sowed hundreds of thousands of sunflower seeds as an “experiment” to begin with.

While the field was never meant to be open to the public, people started jumping the gate to get a better look.

Since then, Mr McAllister has opened the field to the public and has picked a different charity each year to donate funds to.

Last year, they raised over €14,000 (£11,875) for Bowel Cancer UK with the support of the public.

Portglenone Sunflower Field to open again this week – Wednesday 10 August

To open again this Wednesday.
Credit: Instagram / @shapedbyseaandstone

The time has come again for visitors to check out the impressive sunflower field in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

This was confirmed on social media on 6 August as they posted, “IT’S NEARLY TIME. We are opening on Wednesday from 10 am to 8 pm. Details to follow soon!!!”

People are obviously very excited about this as it received over 1000 likes and comments and 125 shares.

Comments under the post include, “Been waiting in anticipation” and “This is so beautiful for a day out”.

Things to know – no toilets or refreshments

The beautiful Portglenone Sunflower Field.
Credit: Facebook / Sunflower Field Portglenone

The charity for this season is the Macmillan Unit in Antrim Hospital. Entry is £3.00 for adults and £1.50 for those under 16.

Dogs are allowed on the premises as long as they are on leads and stick to the paths provided throughout the fields.

Portglenone Sunflower Field posted directions on their Facebook page as follows; “We are on the Gortgole Road in Portglenone. About 3 miles from the town on the left-hand side. If you Google sunflower field august, it will show on your maps for directions.”

Important things to note as per their message last year is that there are no refreshments or toilets at the field, but there are public toilets and cafes in Portglenone.

So, just be prepared for this. The field is generally open from 10 am to 8 pm. Keep an eye out for more updates on their Facebook page here.

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