5 places Taylor Swift has visited in Ireland (2024 Guide)

From beaches to restaurants to castles, Taylor’s been there! Check out our article on the top places Taylor Swift has visited in Ireland. 

5 places Taylor Swift has visited in Ireland (Guide for Swifties)

Taylor Swift devotees, now known as ‘Swifties’, are known to be some of the most dedicated fans around.

From deciphering hidden meanings in song lyrics and album liner notes to defending the singer fiercely online, these fans take their devotion to the pop superstar very seriously. 

In 2023, Swift embarked on her highly praised, worldwide ‘Eras Tour’, and will be gracing Irish fans with her presence this summer.

But aside from touring, Taylor has made it her business to visit Ireland for pleasure also. Read on as we explore the places Taylor Swift has visited in Ireland – a guide for swifties!

5. County Donegal – taking in the salt air on Magherawardan beach 

Taylor Swift visiting County Donegal.
Credit: Instagram / @taylorswift

Taylor sent fans into a frenzy when she posted a photo on the shores of Ireland in 2021.

As Swift took the opportunity to celebrate the anniversary of her highly acclaimed lockdown album ‘Folklore’ with a post on Instagram, many fans were paying more attention to the coastal backdrop behind her. 

It didn’t take long for local fans to identify the beach as Magherawardan beach in Donegal. If you’re planning to include Donegal in your trip along the Wild Atlantic Way, Swifties should be sure to add this beach to the bucket list!

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4. County Wicklow – referenced in the lyrics of ‘Sweet Nothing’

Taylor released her album ‘Midnights’ in 2022, and Irish fans were overjoyed to hear a reference to a local area in one of the songs.

Fan favourite, ‘Sweet Nothing’, rumoured to be about Joe Alwyn (the singer’s ex-boyfriend of 6 years), includes lyrics referencing the county.

In the song, Swift sings, “I spy with my little tired eye, tiny as a firefly, a pebble that we picked up last July / Down deep inside your pocket, we almost forgot it / Does it ever miss Wicklow sometimes?”

Many fans have speculated the trip to Wicklow took place at the same time as her trip to Donegal above, meaning Taylor took the opportunity to take in the sights on an Irish road trip!

3. County Antrim – selfies in Belfast

Belfast is one of the places in Ireland that Taylor Swift has visited.
Credit: Facebook / Tiernan Heffron

In September 2021, Taylor set the Belfast internet ablaze with visits across the city. 

According to the owner of Shu, a restaurant on the Lisburn Road, Taylor booked a private party room with her then-boyfriend and a small party. She even posed for a photograph with staff who described her as “lovely, warm, and friendly”.

Next on the list was The Tipsy Bird, a popular bar in Belfast. Forever gracious to fans, she posed for a selfie with local musician Tiernan Heffron.

It is rumoured that Taylor was visiting the city alongside Joe, who was then filming the television show ‘Conversations with Friends’, in which he starred.

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2. County Limerick – enjoying an Irish Christmas

Taylor Swift visited Glin Castle with Joe Alwyn.
Credit: Instagram / @joe.alwyn and Instagram / @glin_castle

Ireland is a special place, but even more so at Christmas. The global superstar got to experience this herself when she reportedly visited Glin Castle, in County Limerick at Christmas in 2018.

Swift’s then-boyfriend Joe Alwyn posted a photo of himself in the village of Glin, and fans were swift in recognising the location. Local newspapers also reported that the couple were sighted in a nearby pub.

Glin Castle is owned by Catherine Fitzgerald and her husband, Dominic West, an actor most recently seen in The Crown. The castle has been in the Fitzgerald family for nearly eight centuries. 

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1. County Dublin − taking in the history 

Dublin is one of the best places in Ireland that Taylor Swift has visited.
Credit: airbnb.com

Of all the places in Ireland you might expect Taylor Swift to visit, the capital of Dublin is probably the most likely. However, aside from touring, Taylor reportedly also visited Dublin on another occasion, albeit a little further out of the city.

It is believed that Taylor chose to have a weekend away in an old coach house in Dublin 6, near Ranelagh and Donnybrook.

Bob, the host of the Airbnb she stayed in, even shared a picture of a handwritten note left by the singer, which he now has framed in the property.

It reads: “To the Haugh family. Thank you for welcoming us to your beautiful home. Sending love and gratitude to you all! Love, Taylor.”

The best news of all? You can re-trace Taylor’s steps and stay in the 200-year-old coach-house yourself! 

Each of the places Taylor Swift has visited in Ireland has their own charms, and these are just the places we know about! But whether it be our country’s restaurants, bars, or beaches, we’re pleased to see Taylor enjoy all that Ireland has to offer. 

Let’s hope for many more visits from the superstar to come!

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