Pierce Brosnan and Helena Bonham Carter star in new movie filming in NI and Donegal

Four Letters of Love is the new Irish romance that will be filmed in Donegal, starring Pierce Brosnan, Helena Bonham Carter, and Gabriel Byrne.

Pierce Brosnan and Helena Bonham Carter star in new movie filming in NI and Donegal.

Based on the Niall Williams bestselling novel of the same name, Pierce Brosnan and Helena Bonham Carter will star in the movie set to be filmed in Donegal and parts of Northern Ireland.

The movie will follow the story of fated lovers Fionn O’Shea (Normal People) and Ann Skelly (The Nevers).

The movie will fall under the award-winning direction of Polly Steele (Let Me Go) and will also star Gabriel Byrne.

Four Letters of Love – what the movie is all about

Four Letters of Love was originally published in 1997.
Credit: Instagram / @michy.loves.books

The IMDb synopsis for the film is as follows: “Nicholas and Isabel were made for each other but how will they ever know it? As ghosts, fate and the sheer power of true love pull them together, so too does life threaten to tear them apart”.

With a band of great Irish talent, Four Letters of Love comes from the novel of the same name by Niall Williams, originally published in 1997.

The film is about a “lyrical love story” set in Dublin and on an island off the west coast of Ireland but will be filmed in Donegal and in Northern Ireland.

Calls for crew were put out in December 2022, looking for trainees and new entrants in a number of different departments. Filming is due to begin this month.

Filming – taking place in Northern Ireland and Donegal

Pierce Brosnan and Helena Bonham Carter star in new movie filming in NI and Donegal.
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It was confirmed late last year that the movie would be filmed in parts of Donegal and Northern Ireland.

With funding from NI Screen, filming will begin in the north before moving on to Donegal. The film arrives on the heels of an abundance of fantastic Irish films, like The Banshees of Inisherin, An Cailín Ciúin and An Irish Goodbye.

With a record-breaking number of nominations for Irish films at the Oscars this year, there is high hope for Four Letters of Love.

A star-studded cast – yet another exciting Irish film

The film has a star-studded cast.
Credit: commonswikimedia.org

Pierce Brosnan and Helena Bonham Carter will play the parents of the fated lovers played by O’Shea and Skelly.

The film is produced by BAFTA Award nominee Debbie Gray and Douglas Cummins. Gray said of the project, “I’m thrilled to be bringing this beautiful piece of work from writer Niall Williams and director Polly Steele to the screen.

“A seminal piece of Irish literature and I couldn’t be more pleased with the cast and creative team that have joined us on this journey”.

Cummins added, “Niall Williams’ debut novel is beguiling, and utterly irresistible, and it’s an enormous privilege to be transposing it to the screen so that new audiences can join the scores of existing fans from many countries across the world”.

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