Our Place in Space to return to Northern Ireland next year

The huge 10 km (6.2 miles) solar system trail will be returning to Northern Ireland in 2023. Thus, giving people across the country another chance to check it out.

Our Place in Space is set to return to Northern Ireland next year. Therefore, giving those who missed it the first time around another chance to visit.

Created as part of the UK-wide UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK festival, the impressive sculpture trail takes visitors on a to-scale journey around the universe.

Having popped up in various locations around the north of Ireland, the trail proved popular with visitors of all ages. So popular that the team behind the trail have decided to bring it back next year.

A fun day out for all ages ‒ education, outdoors, and creativity

Our Place in Space is an immersive sculpture trail.
Credit: ourplaceinspace.earth

The Our Place in Space sculpture trail was created by artist Oliver Jeffers. He worked alongside astrophysicist Professor Stephen Smartt and a creative team led by Nerve Centre to bring his vision to life.

The 10 km (6.2 miles) sculpture trail takes visitors on a journey from the Earth, past the Sun, and around the planets in our solar system. With to-scale models of all the planets, it is a great learning opportunity for people of all ages. It also acts as a great excuse to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

Having proven popular in Derry and Belfast, Our Place in Space is set to return to Northern Ireland next year. Thus, giving space enthusiasts from all over the country to check out the unique exhibit.

Our Place in Space to return to Northern Ireland next year ‒ don’t miss out

Our Place in Space to return to Northern Ireland next year.
Credit: ourplaceinspace.earth

The immersive sculpture trail will make its new home in North Down in February 2023. Free to visit, the trail will begin on the grounds of the Ulster Transport Museum in Cultra. It will then weave its way along the North Down Coast Path before finishing in Bangor.

No exact dates for its return have yet been given. However, the trail is expected to arrive in late February. There will also be plenty of exciting events and learning programmes for people of all ages to take part in.

Working at a scale of 591 million to one, the trail gives visitors an idea of the size of the universe around us. It also shows us how each of the planets compares to one another.

For example, the Sun measures 7.7 ft (2.35 m) across, while Earth measures 0.87 in (2.2 cm). Meanwhile, Pluto measures at just 0.16 in (4 mm).

Teaching us about what’s out there ‒ looking to the future

Our Place in Space to return to Northern Ireland next year.
Credit: Facebook / @ourplaceearth

Our Place in Space aims to make members of the public more aware of the universe around us and what is out there. Bringing the solar system down to Earth, it seeks to widen our perspectives and teach us about what life on Earth means on a grander scale.

David Lewis is Executive Producer at Nerve Centre. Speaking on the return of Our Place in Space to Northern Ireland next year, he said, “Following a successful summer in Cambridge, the opportunity arose to showcase the trail in Liverpool before bringing it home in 2023.

“The detour is a fantastic opportunity to allow thousands more people to engage with the project and to enable more people to learn about space ‒ all while continuing to highlight Northern Ireland’s creativity across the UK.”

Find out more about Our Place in Space here.

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