Northern Ireland’s biggest pet expo is happening in Belfast this weekend

Attention, pet lovers: It’s raining cats and dogs in Belfast this weekend, with a pet expo expected to draw animal-loving crowds in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland’s biggest pet expo is happening in Belfast this weekend

If you love animals and are looking for the purr-fect day out with the family, you may want to check out the 2019 Belfast Telegraph Pet Expo, happening Saturday 16 November and Sunday 17 November at the Titanic Exhibition Centre.

This family-friendly expo will be Northern Ireland’s first event of this scale dedicated to pets, so it’s no wonder that pet owners in the area are busy grooming and prepping.

Here we sum up what you need to know about the event, including what’s in store and how to get tickets.

The Pet Expo at a glance

The Titanic Exhibition Centre will host the Belfast Telegraph Pet Expo in Belfast this weekend

If you’ve never been to a pet expo, you may be wondering what on earth to expect. According to the event listing from the Titanic Exhibition Centre, the Belfast Telegraph Pet Expo will feature over 100 exhibitors and a variety of pets, pet products, demonstrations, hands-on activities, and pet-related organisations.

Thousands of visitors are expected to attend the event, and we can also expect lots of animal companions to accompany them. Indeed, if you want to bring your ow dog or cat along (as long as their vaccinations are up to date), you can do so for free; only humans need tickets.

The whole expo will take place at the Titanic Exhibition Centre in Belfast this weekend, in the heart of Belfast’s vibrant and historical Titanic Quarter.

Saturday is Caturday

Cat lovers will enjoy the pet expo in Belfast this weekend

Cat lovers will want to attend the Pet Expo on Saturday, when the Ulster Siamese and All Breeds Cat Show, the largest in Ireland, is scheduled to take place.

According to the woman behind the show, June Ferguson, visitors will encounter a number of pedigree cats, from Persians to Maine Coons to even a Sphynx. She also invites cat show newbies to bring along their own cats and enter them in the competition.

The show is a non-profit organisation, with door proceeds to be divided between an animal charity and a human charity.

A tail-wagging time

Dog lovers will enjoy the pet expo in Belfast this weekend

The Pet Expo also has plenty to offer dog lovers. Check out the Dog Rescue Village throughout the weekend, and also keep an eye out for the many dog breed clubs that will attend—more than thirty are expected.

If you choose to bring along your own canine friend, you can be sure that he or she will have no shortage of furry pals to interact with.

More info and tickets

Tickets are still available for the event at the Titanic Exhibition Centre

That said, the Belfast Telegraph Pet Expo will feature more than just cats and dogs. From domestic pets to birds of prey to reptiles, this event will be one of variety and offer a fun time for all the family.

The event is sponsored by indoor family adventure complex We Are Vertigo, whose operations manager, Gen Stewart, told the Belfast Telegraph: “We saw immediate synergies with the Belfast Telegraph Pet Expo, which is set to exhibit everything from household breeds to other more exotic species – a perfect animal adventure for families.”

By the way, the first 1,000 attendees to come through the doors each day get a free ticket to We Are Vertigo’s Inflata Park Open Bounce. As if we needed any more incentive!

Tickets can still be purchased for the event in Belfast this weekend and cost £10 each for adults, £5 for kids, and £8 for concession. Family packages are also available for £25, covering two adults and two children. Get your tickets here.

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