NOHOVAL COVE, Co. Cork: visit INFO & things to know

Cork is more than meets the eye. Deep into the south coast of the county, marvel at the cliffs, rocks, and bay of the beautiful Nohoval Cove.

NOHOVAL COVE, Co. Cork: visit INFO & things to know.

County Cork is one of Ireland’s most beautiful counties, nestled along the Wild Atlantic Way and boasting charming towns such as Cobh and Kinsale. You may be content with the majesty of what is on offer there.

However, the little village of Nohoval has other ideas. Planted on the south coast of County Cork, you will find Nohoval Cove, a stunning little bay with steep cliffs and rocks piercing the sea below.

If you are into hidden gems and want to see more than the beaten track, then read on to discover more about Nohoval Cove in County Cork.

Interesting facts about Nohoval Cove:

  • Nohoval Cove has become a habitat and haven for a number of different species of seabirds, marine life, and coastal flora.
  • Remnants of ancient settlements have been located in the Nohoval Cove area.
  • Anglers have fantastic fishing opportunities at Nohoval Cove. Species such as mackerel, pollock, and bass are common in the surrounding waters.
  • Coastal erosion, thanks to the incessant beating of the Atlantic waters, has shaped and moulded Nohoval Cove into the marvel it is today.

History of Nohoval village – used for limestone

A piece of limestone -- that used to be mined in Nohoval -- fills the entire frame.
Credit: James St. John, Wikipedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0 DEED

The little village of Nohoval is shortened from the Irish language name of ‘Nuachong Bhail’, which means ‘new habitation’. Nohoval Cove itself is surrounded by a series of abandoned lime kilns.

During the Famine in Ireland in the 1840s, a mill was erected as part of the relief effort for the Famine. It was restored in 1994 and converted into a private dwelling.

Ships once made their way to Nohoval Cove to collect slate and offload limestone into the area, hence the need for lime kilns.

How to get there – safe travels to Nohoval Cove

A woman reads a map while resting on the bonnet of a car.
Credit: Pexels/ Leah Newhouse

Nohoval Cove is only 15.5 km (9.6 mi) from the town of Kinsale, and so a short 21-minute drive via the L3215 will get you there. It is only 30 km (18 mi) from the city of Cork, which is itself only a 40-minute drive away.

When coming closer to your destination, you will be greeted by narrow country roads, so drive carefully and slowly and watch for any cars coming the other way.

There is only a small area reserved for parking, which will only fit a few cars at the time, and getting in and out is tight. So, we recommend parking in Nohoval Village and walking along the woodland towards the cove.

Go east from the village for 2,625 ft (800 m) and turn right onto a road which isn’t signposted. It has an old stone wall on one corner and a gate on the other, and the walk commences at the end of this.

Address: Reaniesglen, Co. Cork, Ireland

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About Nohoval Cove – what to expect

A shot of Nohoval Cove on a sunny day, taking in the ruins of the mine, cliffs, hills, rocks, and water.
Credit: Flickr/ Vince O’Sullivan, CC BY-NC 2.0 DEED

If you can, make it to Nohoval Cove on a clear blue summer’s day. When you arrive, you are enveloped by the beautiful blue of the Atlantic Ocean, caressing the distant coastal cliffs and land.

The cove itself is punctuated by several piercing rocks that form a unique appearance at the foot of the cliff. This beautiful cove is lined with small rocks that make a gentle turning noise when met with the moving waves.

Things to know – keeping you right at Nohoval Cove

A shot of Nohoval Cove from closer to the water, showing the rocks, the water, and part of the cliffs. A lone kayaker paddles in the distance.
Credit: Flickr/ Vince O’Sullivan, CC BY-NC 2.0 DEED

En route to the cave, you will be greeted by the ruins of a mine. It is closed, and some of the stones are loose and dangerous, so bear that in mind when crossing it.

Getting down to the cove is via a rocky slope, so take your time when making your way down. When it rains, it can get slippery, so be extra careful and pack appropriate attire for the journey.

Nohoval Cove’s extremely remote location does not cater for swimming. Crashing waves thrash off the piercing rocks, and there is no lifeguard service available. When you come to Nohoval Cave, do so to marvel at nature’s work.

What’s nearby – village delights

A shot of an empty street in Kinsale, lined with buildings of various colours.
Credit: Ireland’s Content Pool/ Tourism Ireland from Emilija Jefremova

When you make your way back to the delightful village of Nohoval, you can grab dinner and a couple of pints at Finders Inn, only an eight-minute drive away.

If you want more options, then head out to Kinsale and make the most of the restaurants, pubs, and bars on offer, such as the Armada Bar or Kitty Ó Sé’s.

Notable mentions

A distant shot of Charles Fort, encompassing the surrouding hills and water. Further in the distance, boats are docked, while a single schooner sails in the foreground. Charles Fort is only a 20-minute drive from Nohoval Cove.
Credit: Ireland’s Content Pool/ Fáilte Ireland

Charles Fort: Charles Fort is only a 20-minute drive from Nohoval Cove if you want to beef up your day. At the edge of Kinsale, it has acted as the entrance and guard to the town since the 16th century.

Private property: A lot of the land adjacent to the cove is private property. Entrance here is prohibited, so keep this in mind.

Kayakers: The area is frequented by kayakers, so if you are experienced enough this is something you could do.

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Your questions answered about Nohoval Cove

Have you read our article on Nohoval Cove in Co. Cork but still have some questions? Then we have you covered! Below, we outlined the most frequently asked questions online about this topic.

Where is Nohoval Cove?

Nohoval Cove is found in the south of Cork, next to Nohoval Village. It is only 20 minutes from Kinsale and around 40 minutes from Cork City.

Where is Inchydoney Beach?

Inchydoney Beach can be found just over an hour away from Nohoval. It is also in the south of Cork, near the town of Clonakilty.

What is Cobh famous for?

Cobh is famous for being the final departure point for people from Ireland during the Famine of the 1840s. It was also the last port of call for the Titanic before its ill-fated maiden voyage.

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