Northern Ireland’s most popular baby names of 2023 revealed

Two new names have reached the top spots, knocking some classics off their thrones.

Northern Ireland’s most popular baby names of 2023 revealed.

The most popular baby names across Northern Ireland last year were finally revealed this week.

Based on data gathered by Northern Ireland’s Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) and released annually, the new list of top hitters includes some long-standing classics, as well as some rising stars.

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For baby girls, the most popular name across Northern Ireland was Isla. Meaning ‘island’, a total of 147 babies were given this name last year.

When it comes to baby boys, Noah has claimed the top spot. A name with Hebrew origins, this name means ‘rest’.

A whopping 152 children received this name in 2023. And while this is the first year the name has claimed the top spot, it has been popular for a while, making it into the top three every year since 2019.

Coming a close second on the boys’ list, the ever-popular Jack was the name given to 146 babies last year. The Irish language name Fiadh, meaning ‘wildness’, comes in at number two for baby girls.

Changes in the top ten – waxing and waning popularity

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While some names increased in popularity, some classics have seen a slight downturn. Previously the top name for baby girls for the last five years, Grace has slipped down to number three this year.

But there certainly won’t be any shortage of Grace’s any time soon, with this name managing to stay in the top three most popular names in Northern Ireland for the last 17 years.

Some classic names have also fallen out of the top ten list altogether this year, suggesting they may be waning in popularity in favour of others.

Thomas and Harry have slipped down for boys’ names, while Evie and Anna have disappeared from the top ten girls’ names.

Looking for some inspiration? – see what other parents have been choosing

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Deciding on a name for your newborn is a daunting prospect.

Should you go for something modern or embrace a classic? Do you embrace your heritage and go for an increasingly popular Irish language name?

With so much to consider, it can be worth looking at what others are choosing to give yourself some inspiration. Read on to see the full top ten list of Northern Ireland’s most popular baby names of 2023 revealed.

The top ten most popular baby boy names of 2023 in Northern Ireland:

  1. Noah – 152 babies
  2. Jack – 146 babies
  3. James – 131 babies
  4. Cillian – 128 babies
  5. Charlie – 123 babies
  6. Leo – 119 babies
  7. Oisin – 116 babies
  8. Oliver – 114 babies
  9. Luca – 108 babies
  10. Theo – 108 babies

The top ten most popular baby girl names of 2023 in Northern Ireland:

  1. Isla – 147 babies
  2. Fiadh – 138 babies
  3. Grace – 137 babies
  4. Emily – 136 babies
  5. Olivia – 126 babies
  6. Lily – 108 babies
  7. Ella – 97 babies
  8. Aoife – 94 babies
  9. Amelia – 92 babies
  10. Freya – 90 babies

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