BREAKING NEWS: new website launch and event!

With huge success across our three current websites, Ireland Before You Die, Meanwhile in Ireland, and The World Bucket List, we are now launching our new good news website – Tell Me The Good News.

BREAKING NEWS: new website launch and event!

If you’re fed up with constantly hearing negative news every day, you’ll be pleased to learn that we are launching our latest website, Tell Me The Good News.

Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Tell Me The Good News is a brand new good news website that is breaking the negative news cycle by bringing you uplifting and inspiring stories from all over the world.

Now, you have the chance to be a part of something really special by coming to our launch next week, 17 November, in Belfast city centre.

Tell Me The Good News – how the idea was born

Tell Me The Good News!
Credit: pexels / Ono Kosuki

Tell Me The Good News came to be during the first lockdown of the Covid-19 pandemic in Belfast in 2020.

People around the world were becoming despondent with the constant cycle of negative news that seemed to be endlessly on rotation on every news and social media outlet.

Founder of Tell Me The Good News, Stevie Haughey, said, “I was fed up with the constant negativity. I couldn’t find any good news websites with daily good news, so I made it my mission to create one”.

Having successfully grown several much-loved websites, including Ireland Before You Die, Meanwhile in Ireland, and The World Bucket List, we are confident that our passionate team has the skills and ability to bring Tell Me The Good News to life.

What we are all about – what Tell Me The Good News entails

What the website is all about.
Credit: pexels / Polina Zimmerman

In every corner of the world, governments, people, and communities carry out wonderful acts of kindness every day.

However, we just don’t hear enough of it because the world is often overwhelmed with negative news.

Our mission is to give these positive news stories a platform to be heard and to be celebrated.

While the world is a harsh place and hard-to-hear news is often important, we want to implicate a balance to brighten people’s days with good news, too.

If we make one person in the world smile with one of our good news stories, then we have done what we came here to do.

Launch event – join us at the official launch party

The launch event for Tell Me The Good News!
Credit: Facebook / @themarcusward

Since the idea for Tell Me The Good News came to be, our team has been putting in every effort to make a slick website, thought-provoking and uplifting articles, and social channels where you can keep up to date with good news around the world.

Now, the website is live. Thus, we’re hosting an official launch party in Belfast city centre at 7.30 pm next week, 17 November.

Expect free drinks and woodfired pizza, the chance to win amazing prizes, and networking with local influencers and businesses on this cold November night of giveaways and great opportunities!

Event details

Venue: The Marcus Ward, 1 Bankmore Square, Belfast BT7 1DH

When: Thursday, 17 November 2022 @ 19:30

Dress code: Smart casual

Secure your entry to the event

Secure your VIP place now by filling out the form on our sign-up page.

NOTE: If you haven’t signed up, you may be turned away at the door. Sign up to ensure you don’t miss out!

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