New survey reveals Northern Irish accent is ‘most desired’

The new survey found that many people across the U.K. wish their other half spoke with a Northern Irish accent.

A new survey by language learning app Babbel has revealed that the Northern Irish accent is ‘most desired’ and ‘most fun’.

People across the six counties are known for their friendly, personable, and humorous nature. Thus, it comes as no surprise that most people across the U.K. wish their current spouse had or hope their future spouse has a Northern Irish accent.

The coveted accent – most desired in the U.K.

Jamie Dornan is one of the most famous people with a Northern Irish accent.

To many living in Northern Ireland, it will come as no surprise that the survey found the Northern Irish accent is ‘most desired’ and ‘most fun’ in the U.K.

We’re sure that local celebrities, such as Liam Neeson, Jamie Dornan, Bronagh Waugh, and Adrian Dunbar, have had a part to play in the desirability of the cadence.

Fans of the BBC police drama Line of Duty were amazed by Dunbar’s character, Ted Hasting’s use of Northern Irish slang. Popular phrases like “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, and the wee donkey” and “Houl yer whisht” took viewers by storm.

An official ranking – we love the Northern Irish accent

The new survey revealed Northern Irish accent is ‘most desired’ in the U.K.

The new survey conducted by language-learning app Babbel revealed that the Northern Irish accent is ‘most desired’. It also found that the accent came joint top for ‘most fun’ with the Geordie accent.

Here are the official rankings.

The dialects we wish our spouse had or future spouse has:

1. Northern Irish or Scots

2. Welsh or Cockney

3. Yorkshire

4. Southeast

5. West Country or Brummie

Adrian Dunbar has sure increased the popularity of the Northern Irish accent.

The dialects we think sound the most fun:

1. Geordie and Northern Irish

2. Scots

3. Cockney

4. Brummie

5. Scouse & Welsh

Kindest sounding accent – and the accent we wish we had

Northern Irish accent is ‘most desired’, according to new survey.

The new survey not only revealed that the Northern Irish accent is ‘most desired’ and ‘most fun’. Rather, it also ranked in fourth position as ‘the accent we wish we had’ and fifth as ‘kindest-sounding’ accent.

The Welsh accent took the top spot as the accent that sounds the kindest. Yorkshire, Scots, Geordie came in second, third, and fourth.

The number one accent that people across the U.K. wish they had was Geordie. Cockney and Scots followed this in second and third, and Welsh in fifth.

With the Irish accent continually voted the ‘sexiest accent in the world’, it comes as no surprise that the northern cadence is deemed the most desirable.

So, if you’re a Northern Irish girl or guy currently on the dating scene, then you may want to make your highly desirable accent known!

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