New series to explore the natural history of Celtic Coast

Naturalist Eoin Warner presents a brand new three-part series showcasing the beauty and fascinating history of the Celtic Coast.

TG4 will air a new series exploring the natural history of the Celtic Coast, showcasing some of the hidden worlds surrounding Ireland and Wales.

Naturalist Eoin Warner will host the three-part series Iontais na bhFarraigí Ceilteacha, which will take viewers on a journey around the breathtaking coastline.

The first episode airs on TG4 at 9:30 pm on 12 January. All episodes will be available to watch on TG4 Player after their initial broadcast.

Discover Ireland’s coastal wildlife – beneath the water

New series showcases the natural history of Celtic Coast.
Credit: Fáilte Ireland

The incredible new series will explore the natural history of the Celtic Coast. Thus, showcasing some of the most incredible wildlife that calls these areas home.

The crew filmed the series over two years along Ireland’s southeast and the Welsh coast. So, we see areas that have never before been explored and are taken on a breathtaking journey of discovery.

Warner enlisted the help of filmmakers who worked on projects such as David Attenborough’s Blue Planet. Using their experience and expertise, the team were able to capture some of the most incredible creatures to grace these waters, including blue sharks and fin whales.

So, the Ultra High Definition footage is sure to be an immersive and unforgettable watch.

New series to explore the natural history of Celtic Coast – discover what lies beneath

Discover what lives along the Irish coastline.
Credit: YouTube Screenshot / TG4

Taking viewers on a journey of the deep and shallow waters off the Celtic Coast, the three episodes will each explore a different area.

Episode one will discover the shores, episode two the shallows, and episode three the deep. Warner has garnered himself the reputation of Ireland’s David Attenborough through his enthusiastic approach to the living planet.

A TG4 spokesperson said, “From Wexford’s Saltee Islands, Eoin observes the guillemots – seabirds that can ‘fly’ underwater. We also encounter the humble blenny fish getting washed-up – but the blenny can breathe on land.

“Our team has captured some remarkable and exciting new behaviours that have never been filmed in Celtic waters before, such as the courtship rituals of bottle-nosed dolphins as well as astonishing footage of basking sharks congregating off the Irish coast.”

What to expect – a three-episode journey of discovery

The new series series explores the natural history of Celtic Coast.
Credit: YouTube Screenshot / TG4

In episode one of the new series exploring the natural history of the Celtic Coast, ‘The Shores’, we life along the coast. In this episode, Warner explores the vast marine habitats that live off the coastline.

We follow along as he kayaks along Waterford’s stunning Copper Coast, meeting with Atlantic grey seals. The camera team document a year in the lives of these seals and we watch as they move from courtship to pregnancy to birth.

Episode two, entitled ‘The Shallows’, sees Eoin freediving in the shallow seas to discover the breathing seabed. The camera crew encounter an incredible catshark laying an egg in the kelp at the ocean’s floor.

In episode three, ‘The Deep’, Eoin discovers the incredible animals that live in the deep Celtic waters.

The camera crew capture giant bluefin whales to tiny microplankton, and everything in between. Thus, the crew give us the opportunity to learn about some of the coast’s most incredible species.

Watch the trailer here:

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