New movie set in Ireland deemed one of the scariest films of 2019

The Hole in the Ground has been lauded as “the best Irish horror movie ever made,” and it’s now on Netflix to horrify and entertain you.

We cannot overstate how much we love horror movies, and so when we heard there’s going to be a horror movie set in Ireland called The Hole in the Ground (and that it’s been labelled “exceptionally creepy” and “unsettling”), we couldn’t wait to share the good news with you all. 

In a year that has brought us terrifying horror films such as IT: Chapter 2, Crawl, and Jordan Peele’s Us, how will Netflix’s new horror movie set in Ireland rank up with these greats? 

The story

The Hole in the Ground is the story of an Irish woman named Sarah who moves to a rundown house on the edges of a small town with her young son, Chris. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention—the small town is also near a creepy expansive forest. 

Sarah’s reason for moving out to such a place is that she is trying to start her life anew. It all seems to be going fairly well for her until one night when Chris goes missing in those decrepit old woods. When Sarah finds Chris again, she is sure that somethinghas changed about him—he no longer acts or talks like he used to. 

Things take an even creepier turn when Sarah notices her son behaving very strangely when he thinks he is alone…

The stuff of classic horror

The film poster for The Hole in the Ground, a horror movie set in Ireland

All we’ll say is this: horror aficionados will not be left disappointed with this horror movie set in Ireland. It has all the hallmarks of a classic horror flick: the creepy kid, the creepy house, an eerie forest, and an unnerving neighbour are all elements The Hole in the Ground uses masterfully. It currently has an 85% rating of Rotten Tomatoes, not a bad score for Irish director Lee Cronin’s feature-length debut! 

We would love to see more scary movies set in Ireland and hope this film can be a catalyst for exactly that. We do enjoy a good haunted castle tale or two here in the Emerald Isle. And don’t even get us started on banshees. 

Ireland, after all, is where the most famous horror novel of all time was written—Bram Stoker’s equally mesmerising and terrifying Dracula

Who’s in it

James Cosmo will appear in the film
Credit: Patrick Subotkiewiez / Flickr

Probably the most recognisable cast member of The Hole in the Ground will be James Cosmo, who gives a wonderful performance as Des Brady. Seána Kerslake is captivating as worried mother Sarah, and hats off especially to young actor James Quinn Markey who, as Chris, gives commanding and horrifying portrayal of his character. 

Oh, and in case you were worried you’d have to wait another couple of weeks before you can watch The Hole in the Ground, you don’t—it’s out right now on Netflix. Let us know what you think of this eerie movie set in Ireland when you’ve seen it!

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