New Harry Potter-Themed Bar to Work its Magic in Dublin

Many a spellbinding night has been had in Dublin over the years but the arrival of a Harry Potter-themed bar is taking it to another level.

The Cauldron, a bar based on JK Rowling’s world famous book series, has just arrived in the capital and it gives spirits a whole new meaning.

The pop-up bar will appear (as if by magic) at The Liquor Rooms beneath the Clarence Hotel this summer to show the people of Dublin how to make their very own molecular cocktails.

Causing quite a stir

Credit: The Cauldron London

Harry Potter fans in New York and London have already been waving their magic wands in an attempt to master the art of Harry Potter style cocktails.

And with an interactive lesson lasting 1 hour and 45 minutes there is plenty of time embrace your inner-wizard and create something out of this world.

According to the Cauldron London website, the immersive class offers students the chance to “wield a working magic wand and use molecular mixology to brew drinkable elixirs.

“After donning a robe and receiving a magic wand, you are led to an interactive work station where you learn spell casting 101 by pouring a welcome drink of either beer, cocktail or mocktail.

“You then follow instructions to brew two of our molecular potions that change colour, bubble and smoke.”

Local brew

The Cauldron Magical Experience will be working with local craftsmen ‘Wicklow Wolf’ to produce a limited edition beer for the Dublin venue.

The Irish craft brewery, which is based in Bray, Co. Wicklow, will add its own touch of magic to help create ‘Wicked Wolf’.

“The hoppy and floral IPA is brewed with ingredients used in real magical history,” writes the Cauldron.

“Jasmine and Green Tea and those specific to Ireland, Malted Irish Barley and Wicklow Water.”

Other drinks will be on offer at the event with the chance to stir up some very interesting concoctions, under the watchful eye of a potions master.

“The experience is largely self-guided,” explains the website.

“But a potions master is on-hand to make sure that you don’t poison yourself!”

Well, you can’t be too careful when taking on a spot of wizardry we suppose?

The real damage

So if your idea of the perfect tipple is a large glass of ‘bubbly’ then get booking your tickets via the website.

Prices start at €29.99 per person which includes the crafty lesson, a welcome drink, two molecular cocktails and the chance to wear a rather dashing robe.

Not to mention your very own wand to wave and expert guidance from a potions master.

They even have a choice of vegan, gluten-free and non-alcoholic choices to master leaving something for everyone.

Tickets can be booked via the website but are selling out fast already.

Whether you’re a Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor or Slytherin, you can spend one magical night in Dublin before the chance disappears in a cloud of smoke.

Watch the video below:

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