Irish Motorists have been using GUINNESS to Defrost their Car Windscreens

Now, the Irish may love their Guinness. In fact, we hold it in such pride it is almost the Irish mascot.

Little did we know though, the time would come where Guinness would become so integrally interwoven into everyday life that we would come to use it as a household product.

Well, that time has come. Yep, the reports are true: Irish locals are calling for cans of Guinness to defrost their car windscreens – and it works like a dream!

One Man

Whether this nifty knack is something known by locals countrywide or only getting started now in Mayo, we do not know. But one thing is for sure is this Irish resident, Des Walsh (who pushed this handy trick into the mediascape last month) is being celebrated countrywide for his innovative use of the Irish stout.

In the video – in which Walsh sent to the Irish Mirror at the end of January 2019 – he explains his logic behind the newfound defrosting method. “A friend of mine came up with a brilliant idea, he suggested to rub in alcohol on the windscreen and then just mix it with water.”

The video which opens with Walsh’s car, frost-bitten by Ireland’s recent harsh Winter conditions, goes on to show the Mayo-local use a can of Guinness to wash away the frost.

The Theory

It is because Guinness is an alcoholic beverage that this theory makes sense; alcohol has a lower freezing point than water.

Start by pouring on the alcohol (truly any alcohol would work – although we love using the “black stuff”, aka Guinness) and rub it into the windscreen. Once the alcohol has been “rubbed” into the glass (using cloth for example) then pour tepid water over the windscreen. With this method, the frost will easily lift off the glass.


While Winter takes a full grip on the Emerald Isle, locals and tourists are being warned to exercise caution when using roads. Black ice has been a top topic this Winter with shaded areas under trees or beside high walls being labelled as particular “hot spots”.

Weather warnings dominated much of January 2019 with widespread snowfall and frost across the country. Road users are being advised to ensure they have the correct thread count on their tyres. All motor lights should be fully working on vehicles and motorists are encouraged to maximize windscreen visibility, also.

With all that being said, this new anti-frost technique is bound to have endless Irish locals tackling impaired visibility with cans of the good stuff, none other than Guinness itself.
Note: always remember to drink responsibly and never drink and drive.