Most popular Irish names in the UK, revealed

Most popular Irish names in the UK, revealed.

When researching the most popular baby names in England and Wales, the study discovered that names with Irish connections made the top 200 in both female and male names. Scotland and Northern Ireland are not included in the study.

According to the research from Spin Genie, names that have ties to Ireland, whether in their Irish form or anglicised, have continued to remain popular across the Irish sea.

The most popular Irish names in England and Wales – Rory and Erin are the most popular

Most popular Irish names in the UK, revealed.
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The study by Spin Genie looked at which names made the top 200 in both the boy’s and girl’s categories from the latest report from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

It appeared that Irish boy names were more popular than girl names, as ten boy names made the top 200 compared to five girl names.

The most popular Irish boy name in England and Wales is Rory. The name ranks 39th out of the 200 most popular names. In the recent ONS report, 1,483 baby boys were given that name.

This name comes from the Irish Ruairí or Ruaidhrí, meaning ‘Red King’. When it comes to the most popular girl’s names, Erin ranks first in 59th place out of 200 girls’ names in England and Wales. Erin comes from the Irish word for Ireland, Eire.

Boy names – ten popular Irish names

The top ten names for boys.

After Rory, the second most popular Irish boy name in England and Wales is Rowan in 63rd place. Rowan is an Irish name that comes from ‘Ruadhán’ in Irish, meaning ‘red-haired’.

Rowan is a historically masculine name. However, it is one that has been commonly given to girls in more recent years. 938 boys were recently given this name.

The third most popular Irish boys name in these regions of the UK is Finn, ranking in 72nd place with a total of 788 people given that name according to the recent statistics.

The remainder of the top ten Irish boys’ names is Liam in 86th place, Ryan in 106th, Patrick in 125th place, Connor and Finlay both in 180th place, Callum in 186th, and Aidan in 188th place.

Girl names – the top five

The top names for girls.

Orla follows closely behind Erin in 66th place of the top 200 names given to baby girls in England and Wales.

794 baby girls were given this name, according to the recent ONS report. Orla comes from the Irish Órla or Orlaith, meaning ‘golden princess’.

The third most popular Irish girl’s name is Maeve, from the Irish version Méabh, in 77th place. Maeve is the name of the 1st century Queen of Ireland, and the name translates to ‘intoxicating’.

The final five rounds out with Niamh in 136th place and Aoife nearing the bottom of the top 200 in 190th place.

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