Most popular baby names in Ireland for 2022, revealed

We’re just coming up to halfway through the year. So, here are the baby names that are set to top the charts for popularity in 2022.

Deciding what to name your little bundle of joy is never an easy decision. Classic or traditional? Unisex or gender-specific? There are just so many options.

Each year, we see new baby name trends take hold, often influenced by current affairs and pop culture.

So, whether you want to follow the trend or avoid the most common names and pick something more unique, these are the most popular baby names in Ireland for 2022.

The results are in – which baby names are proving popular this year?

Maeve is one of the popular baby names in Ireland for 2022.

Baby name website Nameberry has compiled the data to reveal the most popular baby names in Ireland for 2022 so far.

The results may come as a surprise as Jack and Fiadh, the baby names that topped the charts in 2021, don’t make an appearance.

Coming out on top for girls is Maeve, from the ancient Irish goddess Queen Maeve. In fact, Nameberry predicts that the Irish girl name Maeve will top the global popularity chart of girl names in 2022.

For boys, the name set to prove popular with newborns throughout 2022 is Tadhg. The beautiful name, which is pronounced like ‘tiger’ but without the ‘r’, means ‘poet’ or ‘storyteller’.

Most popular baby names in Ireland for 2022 – what the trends show so far

Tadhg is the most popular baby boy name this year.
Credit: Pixabay / contactkim

Coming just behind Maeve to claim second place in the list of most popular girl names for 2022 is Ada. Ada derives from the German name Adelaide and means ‘noble’ or ‘nobility’.

Caoimhe, pronounced ‘KEE-VA’, claims the third position. This ever-popular Irish name means ‘gentle’, ‘beautiful’, and ‘precious’.

Eabha, pronounced ‘AH-VA’ and meaning ‘living’, ranked fourth, followed by Una, pronounced ‘OO-NA’ and meaning ‘one’ or ‘only’, in fifth.

For boy names, Cormac, meaning ‘son of the charioteer’, followed Tadhg to claim second place. Ronan, which means ‘little seal’, came third and Eoin, pronounced ‘OH-WIN’ and meaning ‘God is gracious’, came fourth.

Milo, meaning ‘dear’ or ‘beloved’, closed out the top five boy names in Nameberry’s rankings of most popular baby names in Ireland for 2022.

How do the results compare to 2021 – changes to the top five already

Do you recognise the popular baby names in Ireland for 2022?
Credit: Pexels / kelvin octa

The names set to top the charts for 2022 see a shift from the most popular names in Ireland throughout 2021.

Last year, Fiadh claimed the top spot for most popular girl names in Ireland. This was followed by Grace, Emily, Sophie, and Éabha, meaning only one name from last year has remained in the top five.

Similarly, Jack came out on top as the most popular boy name in Ireland last year, a position it has retained since 2007, excluding 2016.

Noah, James, Conor, and Rían also featured in last year’s top five, none of which are trending for 2022.

So, if you’re due to give birth this year, we hope the ranking of the most popular baby names in Ireland for 2022 has given some inspiration if you’re stuck for names!

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