Monaghan lads travel to stag party by tractor (WATCH)

The Irish are infamous for their stag parties. Irish humour combined with a group of lads all wanting to give their engaged friend a massive send off with a night out usually results in some funny stories.

Ireland is a great place to have a stag night, and we often have tourists travelling over here to celebrate their own.

Ireland is the perfect spot to celebrate as we often have our choice of pubs to toast the man in question in each town in Ireland.

We’ve all heard hilarious stories of crazy nights and the story to come out of Monaghan is no different.

One stag group wanted to be different than other stags, who travel from pub to pub on foot or by car. Some stags hire out party buses or limos to transport them for the night, but not this crowd.

Instead, they decided to travel by tractor. It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘pub crawl’. It’s like something you’d see on ‘Don’t Tell the Bride.’

The groom, Paul McGuigan, arranged the tractor with Seamus, his brother and best man, but kept it a secret from the rest of the lads on the stag so they would be surprised by their mode of transport for the day.

The tractor belonged to the men’s father who was happy to loan it out to his sons for the day. As they decided to keep the stag party local and just hit up their local pubs, the tractor and trailer was actually the perfect method of transport.

They had washed down the trailer the day before and attached a few balloons to it for the occasion that was in it. A local tractor driver’s services were employed, so they had a designated driver for the whole day.

The stags began their day with clay-pigeon shooting before being collected in the red tractor. The group of 20 then made their way by tractor and trailer to Mac’s Bar in Ballytrain where they played a game of tug of war. They ended their night with a barbeque at a marquee at Coleman’s pub in Laragh, Castleblaney.

It was definitely a sight to be seen: a red Massey Ferguson travelling down the street, with a trailer hitched to the back of it, complete with balloons and the groom to be and a handful of his closest friends wedged into the trailer.

The distance between each pub was a maximum of ten minutes so they didn’t have too far to travel but the lads made sure they travelled in style. The lads even brought bagpipes in the trailer to add to the festivities.

The groom admitted there were a few sore heads the next morning but they couldn’t wait for the wedding.

We wonder will this method of transport for stags catch on?

Watch a video of the event below:

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