Ireland Weather: Met Éireann warns of stormy weekend ahead

Ireland is being warned to brace for some turbulent stormy weather this weekend.

Ireland Weather: Met Eireann warns of stormy weekend ahead.

We might only be halfway through it, but January has already provided its fair share of extreme weather conditions so far.

Ireland has been dealing with icy conditions during a cold snap, which has seen temperatures drop to as low as -7 C (19.4 F) overnight throughout the country.

While the icy conditions will soon dissipate, there is still a cause for concern as stormy weather is set to make a strong return this weekend.

Stormy weather – set to make a return once again

A new weather warning has been issued, suggesting that Ireland is set to be rocked again by stormy conditions and that these conditions may hit the country as early as this weekend.

This year has proven that climate change is having an adverse effect on Ireland as it experiences a wide variety of extreme weather conditions.

During the Summer of 2023, Met Éireann said Ireland needed to prepare itself more for the much more likely occurrence of heavier rainfall, coastal flooding, storm surges, and the ever-increasing “likelihood of extreme weather events”.

This climate guidance was sent to meteorologists in June in the middle of summer, which saw extreme global weather events such as record-breaking temperatures, out-of-control forest fires and catastrophic flooding, to name a few.

Alan O’Reilly – Irish weather expert

According to popular weather expert Alan O’Reilly of Carlow Weather, who regularly posts his updates on social media, the upcoming change in weather is one that, in his opinion, looks “potentially nasty”.

In a social media post, O’Reilly said, “The Atlantic conveyor belt of storms will come roaring back after this cold spell. Firstly, for the weekend and then risk of some nasty systems coming our way next week.

“Sunday and Tuesday likely to see first two systems, with Tuesday’s looking potentially nasty”.

In an additional update, Carlow Weather also said that the latest models indicate that they will most likely bring a “potentially nasty storm near Ireland Sunday with risk of very strong winds and rain” and urged that this stormy weather requires some “careful watching”.

Met Éireann – the national forecaster

Met Éireann, the national forecaster, warned that Ireland’s reprieve from stormy conditions is set to end as, according to them, there will be an “abrupt transition to a milder Atlantic regime takes place this weekend”.

This will see the country return to the sadly familiar wet and windy conditions that we all know too well.

Met Éireann states that temperatures will rise from Friday, 19 January, to approximately 5 – 9 C (41 – 48.2 F).

Weather conditions will be wet and windy, which will make quite a difference from the calm and icy weather that the country has experienced over the last week.

In their weekend forecast, the weather forecaster said that the weather will continue “unsettled, but relatively mild, with a mobile Atlantic regime dominating, bringing spells of wet and windy weather”.

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