Met Eireann forecast snow as ‘cyclonic’ change set to hit Ireland

Ireland could be in for a cold spring as Met Eireann forecast snow for later this week.

Met Eireann forecast snow as temperatures plummet with significant ‘cyclonic’ change set to hit Ireland later this week.

Forecasts suggest that the Emerald Isle could see snow, hail, sleet, and a risk of isolated thunderstorms on Friday night.

Thursday is set to see rain all over the island with a few dry and sunny spells, and the worst conditions are expected to hit the west of Ireland.

So, it may not be the beginning of springtime many across Ireland expected as Met Eireann forecast snow as we head into April.

Friday’s forecast – cold, wind, and heavy showers

Met Eireann forecast snow and thunderstorm conditions into next week.

Friday is set to be mostly cold and windy, with blustery showers mainly in the west. Temperatures will drop to highs of 5 to 8 C (41 to 46.4 F) from 10 to 13 C (50 to 55.4 F) on Thursday.

Some showers throughout the day will bring wintry conditions with hail and sleet and a risk of isolated thunderstorms.

A Met Eireann forecaster said, “Friday will be a cold and windy day with blustery showers, mainly in western areas at first, but becoming widespread in the afternoon. Some of the showers will be heavy with hail and sleet and a risk of isolated thunderstorms.

“Feeling noticeably colder with the highest temperatures of just 5 to 8 C (41 to 46.4 F) with an added wind chill factor in fresh to strong and gusty westerly winds, reaching gale at times in some western coastal fringes.”

Friday night could see snow – temperatures plummet

Met Eireann forecast snow.
Credit: Flickr / Peter Mooney

As temperatures continue to fall throughout Ireland on Friday with increasingly harsh conditions, Met Eireann forecast snow as a significant ‘cyclonic’ change is set to hit Ireland.

A forecaster said, “On Friday, widespread showers will continue for a time early on Friday night, some of them wintry, with hail, sleet, and snow, and an ongoing risk of isolated thunderstorms.”

“Lowest temperatures of 0 to 3 C (32 to 27.4 F), with a risk of frost in sheltered spots.”

Worst conditions are set to hit the west of the country, and showers will become confined to Atlantic coastal towns.

Into the weekend and next week – more rain and sunny spells

Rain is forecast over the next week.

Conditions are set to become less severe as we move toward the weekend, but more rain will spread across the country while occasional sunny spells breakthrough.

However, a big change in the weather is forecast for Ireland from Monday as ‘cyclonic’ will hit northern regions.

A forecaster said, “Winds will be mostly moderate to fresh southwesterly, strong to near gale on coasts, but light cyclonic variable breezes will affect parts of Ulster and north Connacht. Highest temperatures will range from 12 to 16 C (53.6 to 60.8 F).”

Conditions will become mild into next week with cooler and drier conditions from the end of March.

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