Massive Baileys expansion gets the go-ahead

Famous Irish liqueur brand Baileys have recently gained approval for a massive expansion to their Mallusk site in Northern Ireland worth a staggering £26 million.

Massive Baileys expansion gets the go-ahead.

The Diageo multinational corporation that owns the famous Irish brand Baileys has confirmed that they have officially received planning permission for a £26 million extension of its Baileys production site in Mallusk in Northern Ireland.

Diageo currently employs more than 320 staff across their three Northern Ireland sites. According to their planning application, they also support hundreds of indirect jobs across their local supply chains.

Baileys – the world’s biggest-selling liqueur brand

Massive Baileys expansion gets the go-ahead.

In October last year, Baileys officially became the largest spirit brand to achieve B Corp certification. Baileys is famous for being the world’s biggest-selling liqueur brand.

According to The Brand Champions 2023 report, they sold approximately 8.8 million nine-litre cases in 2022.

The Mallusk facility currently produces more than 60 million bottles of Baileys annually. Their planning application for the expansion also indicated that they aim for the Mallusk site to be net zero by 2030.

Expansion of Bailey production site in Northern Ireland – a £26 million extension

The expansion will cost £26 million.
Credit: Facebook/ Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough

The Mallusk facility is one of two global production sites for Baileys, the second being located on Nangor Road in Dublin.

That site focuses primarily on production and bottling. On the other hand, the Mallusk factory concentrates on the production, labelling, bottling, and storage of the product. It then distributes the drink to 150 countries worldwide.

The Mallusk facility is already fully powered by renewable electricity. As part of the proposed expansion, solar panels will be installed on the roof, too.

Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council granted planning approval for the new expansion, enabling Diageo to improve the site’s warehousing and logistics.

This expansion will create up to 100 construction jobs and 30-35 post-construction positions. Diageo will begin work on expanding the Baileys global supply facility in early 2024.

Lesley Allen – operations manager for Diageo

Lesley Allen is Diageo's operation manager.
Credit: Flickr/ Aurelian Săndulescu

Operations manager Lesley Allen when speaking about how the extension will support Diageo’s broader growth strategy, said: “We are delighted with the council’s decision to approve our plans to extend our site at Mallusk.

“The extension will support the storage, delivery, and distribution of raw materials and finished goods, and we are looking forward to the opportunities it will create for us”.

Allen added: “Baileys makes a considerable contribution to the local economy in Northern Ireland, and over 97% of our output is shipped worldwide.

“We are confident that the planned extension will support Diageo’s wider growth strategy, building on the £40 million investment we made in opening the site in 2003 and the ongoing investments to further develop the facility and the Baileys brand”.

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