Man Served Pint Of Guinness With Picture Of Queen Elizabeth II on The Head

A lot of people aren’t happy with the Queen of England’s face being on Ireland’s favourite drink.

While coffee art has risen to become almost a medium or expression of art in itself, Guinness art is a little less common, or so we thought…

An image, which has recently gone viral, forces us to reconsider our stance on Guinness art.

The photo was posted on Reddit in March 2019 by a user named @TheYorkshireMailman and portrays a classic pint of Guinness but with the face of Queen Elizabeth II on its head.

Needless to say, the photo has received a fury of backlash and ruffled some feathers.

The Image

The image in questions was posted on the 7 March 2019 on Reddit, an American user-populated social news and discussion forum.

Without major introduction or explanation, the user, @TheYorkshireMailman accompanies the photo with the caption: “My Guinness came with a picture of the Queen on it.”

How you may ask? Well, while basic examples of “Guinness art” achieve major recognition (think simple shapes such as a shamrock or an Irish harp), this is of an entirely different calibre.

One look at this rendition of the Queen herself and you’re bound to start wondering how her face – the symbol of Britain – came to be on the head of a lovely pint of Guinness – one of the most significant symbols Ireland has to offer.

The answer is laser etching. Yes, we have finally arrived in a time where we feel it necessary to print images on top of what is already one of our most perfect creations: Guinness.

The Response

To little surprise, the internet had a fair share to say about this sacrilege act.

Some found the mere ability to print an image of such clarity the focal point of the post, yet the vast majority felt emboldened to make their political stance heard.

Some users spout out grand statements of discontent. “This is a war crime” cries @Gooperchickenface, while @ MizchiefKilz protests, “I would send it back”.

Smaller portions of users aren’t too fussed at all; @Eric_The_Barbarian chimes in with “What are they using to print? I’d rather just get the beer I paid for, and drink it without needless adulteration.”

Midway through what essentially has become a minefield of political positions, @TheYorkshireMailman – who posted the picture – butts in to explain that this is just one of many designs the unnamed pub was rustling up on its pints of Guinness.

Nevertheless, it seems too late; the seed has already been planted.

Comments on this Reddit feed continue to roll in, and in a bid to not get too wrapped up in the political throes, all we can say is that we hope that pub starts putting to better use its newfound Guinness art technology.