Lough Erne Resort launches sensational new Spring into Summer menu

Multi-sensory Young Diners and Vegan Afternoon Tea options have been introduced for the first time.

Guests of Lough Erne Resort will have the chance to savour the taste of Spring thanks to the launch of the luxury resort’s newly launched Spring into Summer menus.  

The new menus are produced by the resort’s culinary team. This includes Noel McMeel (Culinary Director), Stephen Holland (Executive Head Chef), and Mark Winter (Executive Sous Chef). Plus, they will include a vegan Afternoon Tea offering for the first time.

Plus, we will also see the inclusion of an interactive Young Diner’s menu. This is sure to entice and delight younger guests. 

The new menus, which are available throughout the resort, reflect its overall gastronomic offering. This is rooted in a simple philosophy – sourcing, preparing, and serving fresh food in season. 

Culinary Director Noel McMeel says, “At Lough Erne Resort, our reputation for fabulous food is one of the reasons our valued guests return. These new healthy eating menus for Lough Erne Resort will further enhance what we offer right across the resort.”

Catalina Menu

Lough Erne Resort has launched a new Spring into Summer menu.

The mouthwatering Spring into Summer Catalina Menu promises to “indulge the tastebuds and awaken the senses through a delectable combination of flavours, aromas, and creative artistry”, says Executive Head Chef Stephen Holland.

“The new menu evokes a sense of nostalgia through the seasonally-inspired tastes. They are sure to conjure up memories of Spring and Summers past for guests to the resort.”

So, menu items include Scallops served with Irish Oysters, Cucumber, Irish Quail complemented with Creamed Sweetcorn, Pickled Truffle Honey Dressing, Irish Stone Bass accompanied by Lobster, Sea Herbs and served with a Citrus and Seaweed Butter Sauce.

The menu is bursting with traditionally Spring flavours such as the Lisdergan Local Lamb with a Horseradish and Pea Tart, perfectly paired with a Roast Onion, Black Garlic & Thyme Jus which adds a beautiful depth of flavour to the dish.

Amongst the choice of summer-inspired desserts are Raspberry Fruit Souffle, refreshing Raspberry Sorbet and Vanilla Custard. Also, a Coole Swan Iced Parfait served with a Hazelnut Croquant.

Vegan Afternoon Tea

Dine in the beautiful Catalina restaurant.
Credit: Facebook / @lougherneresort

Guests can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the Fermanagh Lakelands whilst enjoying Afternoon Tea, including a vegan Afternoon Tea, in the award-winning 3AA rosette Catalina, which has majestic views of Castle Hume Lough.

Furthermore, guests will delight in the fresh Mozzarella and Cucumber Wrap, the indulgent Tempura of Tofu served with a Spiced Tomato Relish. These delicate flavour combinations offer a tantalising experience for your tastebuds.

To satisfy your sweet tooth, there are a host of mouthwatering fancies. These include a decadent Apple and Nut Tart and an elegant Seasonal Fruit Cheesecake. Also, there is a Pineapple and Coconut Smoothie.

In addition, ‘Enchantment’ – a new Children’s Afternoon Tea offering – is sure to add a dash of magic to any visit.

Young Diners’ Menu

Lough Erne Resort have started a new Young Diner's menu.

The resort’s award-winning culinary team has also introduced an innovative ‘Young Diners’ menu. It is overflowing with incredible flavours that are sure to win younger guests’ approval.

The menu offers an interactive as well as multi-sensory dining experience which encourages children to get involved in creating their own dishes.

Lough Erne Resort Executive Sous Chef Mark Winters talks about the inspiration behind the new menu. It’s to make eating out a fun and healthy experience for young diners.

“When eating out, children can often face a limited menu where many items come fried. At Lough Erne Resort, we wanted to change that. We offer a range of exciting food options that focus on health and wellbeing – whilst also being enjoyable.

“The ‘Young Diners’ menu offers a multi-sensory eating experience. The plates are visually appealing, and many come deconstructed. This enables our young guests to indulge their creativity and have some fun whilst enjoying healthy food options.”

You can explore the lakes on your visit.
Credit: Facebook / @lougherneresort

Starters include Watermelon Pizza, served with an array of fresh fruit, locally sourced Natural Yogurt and Flaked Almonds, Mozzarella Tomato and Cucumber Sticks.

This is accompanied by a Tomato and Sour Cream Dip, as well as a scrumptious Chicken Caesar Plater.

For the main event, guests can enjoy a selection of dishes, including Fish and Chips, ‘Be Healthy with Vegetables’. This comes with homemade Chickpea and Lemon Hummus, Sour Cream, Avocado Dip, as well as a selection of vegetables.

Also, for a taste of indulgence, Pan-Seared Lisdergan Beef Fillet accompanied with Carrot and Parsnip Mash, Baby Boiled Potatoes, and Gravy.

New seasonal menu at Lough Erne resort.

Noel McMeel, Culinary Director at Lough Erne Resort, says: “We are delighted to launch our new seasonal menus, which include some exciting new additions that we know, our guests will love.

“Spring and Summer are beautiful and aromatic seasons in Fermanagh, with many local and seasonal products at the resort’s disposal.

We look forward to experiencing this wonderful season with our guests, whether they be young or old, local, or visiting tourists to the Fermanagh Lakelands’ region.”

For more information on Lough Erne Resort, visit: lougherneresort.com

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