5 Amazing Things For Everyone in Northern Ireland

Living outside the confines of Northern Ireland can be challenging when it comes to writing about it – but it truly does open up the opportunity to envision what ones’ trip would be like if they were to travel there. Although all of Ireland is known for their magical mascots, and their lively pub scene – why not look at other attractions. Being one who does not turn down a drink with friends, there are always other things to catch ones’ adventurous side. If you were to plan a vacation for yourself and your family – keeping in mind that you have never gone to Northern Ireland – you would create a wish list for said trip.

As there are endless possibilities to experience and enjoy, it always best to – first research the amount of money you might want to save. It would also be wise to research what Northern Ireland is all about – or you could be the adventurous type that likes to experience all curve balls, twists and turns – either way, it is best to know a bit about the place you want to visit.

1. For the Television Fanatics

For anyone who loves the global phenomena known as Game of Thrones, Northern Ireland would definitely spark your interest. You are able to discover the many filming locations that are home to the world of Game of Thrones, and seeing as we live in the world of technology, you are able to download the Game of Thrones Filming Locations Northern Ireland App. It is also one of the most iconic things to do in Northern Ireland.

2. For the Food Addicts

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For any and all food fans, the best thing you experience while away is indeed the local cuisine. Luckily for all Northern Ireland travellers, there are local food markets to explore. If you are more inclined to enjoy a good drink, then you find yourself outside the doors of Brewery’s and Distillery factories, enticing your taste buds with the thrill of recently created drinks. If that doesn’t catch your attention, then the Food Trail most definitely will. For what is a trail, unless you can eat of course.

3. For the Shopaholics

There are those of us out there that enjoy a good day of shopping, be it looking souvenirs or even just something for yourself, most people just want to shop till they drop. If you take a trip to Northern Ireland, you can spend a day getting lost in the local markets. You also have the opportunity to enjoy the Belfast shopping experience – visiting the Victoria Square shopping centre or the Castlecourt shopping centre. Wherever your feet decide to lead you, you will find new experiences around each corner.

4. For those rainy days

As this is planet earth, there will be days that seem gloomy and you’ll think the day is ruined. There is nothing t worry about, as there are plenty activities to occupy
your rainy days. You can visit the local trampoline park known as We Are Vertigo, and there is a big plus – there are going to introduce indoor skydiving! If you did pack your costume and you want to spend the day swimming, regardless of the rainy weather, then you are in luck. You can always visit the Lagan Valley Leuisureplex. If you have little kids with you, and they are the curious minds – you will find that they would enjoy a day at W5 – an interactive Science and Discovery centre. There are of course other activities to enjoy if the W5 doesn’t peak your interest – take for example, the Armagh Planetarium, the best place to visit if your eyes are in love with the stars.

5. For families with teenagers

Teenagers are some of the hardest to impress when it comes to family holidays. For those hormonal teenagers, why not give them a dose of healthy adrenaline, and take them to go zip lining on Ireland’s longest zip line at Todds Leap. If the Zip Line doesn’t catch their interest, or put a smile on their face, then take them to experience the Downhill Zorbing. For who cannot feel the thrill when you find yourself rolling down a hill in a glorified hamster ball? There are many other activities to enjoy, but for those who want to live a few moments in the life of a Rally driver, they could always go have a day at the Junior Rally Experience. Either way, there are activities to satisfy many interests.

There are of course many different things to occupy your time with, and all will give you memories to last a lifetime. If you want to satisfy the constant curiosity of where your family line started, you can always spend some of your time Tracing your Ancestry line.

Northern Ireland is a treasure trove of new wonders that are just begging to be explored by all. A true gem tucked away in the world that not only has many wonderful activities, but gorgeous landscapes that can entice even the photographic eyes.

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