Local man launches Derry Girls food tour in city

Anyone fancy a cream horn? Or maybe some delicious Derry chips? If so, you might want to check out this fantastic Derry Girls-inspired food tour.

Local man Feargal Doherty has launched a fantastic Derry Girls food tour in the city, inspired by the hit Channel 4 sitcom.

In the hopes of showcasing Derry and the sites that influenced the show, as well as a helping of 90s foodie nostalgia, the brand new tour will be an exciting new experience in the city.

So, if your mouth has been watering every time the gang mentions a delicious Derry treat, read on to learn more about this brilliant new tour.

What to expect ‒ discover Derry’s array of local and international cuisine

Check out the Derry Girls food tour on your next visit to the city.
Credit: Facebook / @WildAtlantictravelco

Speaking to Derry Now, Feargal explained, “It is about exploring the references and tastings that the show had to offer back then right up to the international infused flavours of what Derry’s bars, restaurants, and cafes can offer today.”

He explains how the tour aims to take visitors to hidden spots that tourists would often miss when visiting the city. He continued, “The tour takes you off the beaten track and delves into the history and experiences that Lisa’s show has referenced so brilliantly.”

Offering a taste of the northwest, the Derry Girls food tour will give a unique insight into the city’s culture. With plenty of top-class eateries and bars to choose from, your senses are sure to be delighted.

A one-of-a-kind experience ‒ an immersive Derry Girls food tour

You can even make your own cream horn.
Credit: Instagram / @dohertysbakery

The Channel 4 sitcom has firmly put the city of Derry on the global map, with fans of the show located as far away as the United States and New Zealand.

Hoping to tap into the city’s growing tourism industry, the Derry Girls food tour will showcase the best of the city’s eateries, including some iconic treats that feature in the show.

Feargal told Derry Now, “What we have tried to do at Taste the North West is take that interest and curiosity and develop a Derry Girls Food Tour, an authentic walk around the show’s landmarks and locations, recreating unique memories with fantastic food full of local flavour.”

Make your very own cream horn ‒ will it be good enough for Granda Joe?

The Derry Girls food tour is a must.
Credit: Imdb.com

Fans of the show will even have the chance to make their very own cream horn. They can then wash it down with a Michelle special: a flaming sambuca at a local bar!

Feargal said, “The idea behind it all was to open the city in a new and innovative way. We decided to make Derry the main course by using Derry Girls as a starter to get people’s attention – to whet their appetite for the city, if you will.”

So, whether you’re a fan of Derry Girls or just want to try all the tasty foods that Derry has to offer, you need to add the Derry Girls food tour to your Northern Irish bucket list.

Book your tour here.

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