Lindsay Lohan film causes spike in interest in Irish beauty spot

Netflix’s newest Lindsay Lohan film has helped increase interest in the Emerald Isle and one Irish beauty spot in particular.

Lindsay Lohan film causes spike in interest in Irish beauty spot.

Lindsay Lohan’s latest movie, Irish Wish, may have received a lukewarm reception among critics, but its popularity on streaming giant Netflix is indisputable.

The production, filmed mostly in Ireland in 2022, features many of the country’s most incredible beauty spots. Interest in one spot in particular, however, has increased exponentially, seeing a huge spike in Google searches.

Irish Wish – a new Lindsay Lohan film

Irish Wish came out on Netflix in March 2024 and stars Lindsay Lohan as Maddie Kelly, a literary editor who falls in love with the author she’s working with, Paul Kennedy (Alexander Vlahos).

He, however, falls for Maddie’s best friend, Emma (Elizabeth Tan), and Maddie puts her feelings to one side to be a bridesmaid at their wedding in Ireland. Lots of twists and turns happen along the way, as we’re sure you can imagine.

Reviews of Irish Wish are, on the whole, middling to bad. Though many critics praise Lohan’s performance and her chemistry with second love interest, James Thomas (Ed Speleers), most bemoaned the film’s content and plot.

The film’s impact – causing a spike in interest in Irish beauty spots

Credit: Ireland’s Content Pool/ Chris Hill

Despite its lukewarm critical reception, it has been in the top two most popular films on Netflix each week since its release, owing mostly, of course, to Lohan’s appeal. This popularity has seen a spike in interest in several Irish beauty spots.

Principal photography took place in Dublin, Westport, and Wicklow, with additional scenes filmed at County Clare’s beautiful Cliffs of Moher, the historic Clarence Hotel in Dublin, and Bray’s Killruddery House.

One area in particular caught the audience’s eye: Lough Tay. Research by booking management software provider Bokún revealed that Google searches for the Wicklow Mountains landmark have increased by a staggering 1253% since the film’s release.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned Cliffs of Moher also saw an increase of 85% in Google searches.

Lough Tay – a Wicklow Mountains landmark

Credit: Ireland’s Content Pool/ Tourism Ireland

Lough Tay is a small lake on the private Guinness Estate. It is also known as Guinness Lake, owing either to the property on which it exists or its resemblance to a pint of Guinness, with its dark waters and white-sand banks.

Though Lough Tay is set on private property, visitors can still catch incredible views of the lake from the peaks of Djouce Mountain or Luggala Mountain, both of which tower above the beautiful lake.

The lake has appeared in other films and television shows, including Zardoz (1974), Excalibur (1981), and, most notably, Vikings (2013-2020), in which it served as part of the village of Kattegat.

It may have long caught the eyes of film producers, but now, this lesser-known Irish beauty spot is sure to be a hit with more and more visitors to the country.

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