Limerick has been named one of the best cities in Europe to be single

Single this winter? Limerick may be your best chance to change that, as it ranks 10th in Europe for places to find love.

Limerick has been named one of the best cities in Europe to be single

Irish cities are great for many things, and it has emerged that an Irish city has been named one of the best cities across Europe in which to be single.

Limerick City, in Munster in the south-west of Ireland, finished tenth on an esteemed list of continental cities ranked by travel website Big Seven Travel.

Big 7 Travel

Big 7 Travel presents itself as an efficient alternative to the likes of Trip Advisor and Google Reviews, and provides “current, curated recommendations you can trust” which is helping “millions of people to discover their world”.

The award

Limerick has been named one of the best cities in Europe to be single

Big 7 Travel compiled a list of 50 cities around the world that it deemed to be the best to be single, and took a number of factors into account when compiling the list.

Factors included: the overall population of the city, the quality of the dating scene, data obtained from dating apps and the amount of people within each respective city that uses the apps.

The website also obtained the population percentage of single people per capita from Eurostat, a body that supplies statistical data to the European Union (EU).

Other factors that the website take into account when assessing a city are editorial experiences and opinion, online customer reviews, location and accessibility and atmosphere and service.

The list

Dublin ranked below Limerick, in 13th place
Dublin ranked below Limerick, in 13th place

According to Big 7 Travel, these cities are where “you’ll have the best chance of finding love. Or, at least a date for the evening…”

Limerick outperformed its Irish counterparts to earn a spot in the top 10. The Irish capital, Dublin, ranked close at 13th. Belfast came in at 29th, while Connacht city Galway finished 42nd.

Galway is noted as the city in Ireland with the highest percentage of single people (53.3%); 46.6% of Belfast city’s population is single; and you will have “the luck of the Irish when it comes to dating in Dublin”, according to the travel website.

Limerick overcame tough competition from the rest of Europe, such as Istanbul (Turkey) that finished 37th, Edinburgh (Scotland) that ranked 34th, and Lisbon (Portugal) at 25th.

Ahead of Limerick was Tallinn (Estonia), Oxford (England), Paris (France), and Geneva (Switzerland), while German capital Berlin kicked off the top five in the fifth spot.

In the fourth spot was the English capital of London, Oslo (Norway) was in third place, and Madrid (Spain) finished as a runner-up. It was Stockholm of Sweden that claimed the prize at the top spot.  

Limerick City

Nights out in Limerick city are great for single folks
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In its own description of Limerick on its website, Big Seven Travel was generous towards the city: “The Irish accent is known as one of the sexiest in the world, and Limerick holds the honour of second most popular city on Tinder in the world.”

The website continued: “It beats out countless other well-known cities and is the only Irish one that made the top 10 most popular cities on Tinder.”

Dan O'Muirigh
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