Irishman takes top prize in global photography competition

Felix Sproll’s incredible image, ‘Atlantic Winter Storm meets Ireland’, shows why the Wild Atlantic Way got its name.

Irishman Felix Sproll has taken home the top prize in a global photography competition, making him World Landscape Photographer of the Year.

The Mayo-born photographer took the top spot, beating 1,400 other applicants.

The image, which shows the Atlantic waves crashing along the west coast of Ireland, was shot on a Nikon D750. The incredible shot shows precisely how the Wild Atlantic Way got its name!

A breathtaking image – Ireland’s rugged west coast

An incredible image shot on the coastline of County Clare.
Credit: Instagram / @felix.sproll

On taking the top prize in the global photography competition, the Irishman said, “I had visited this area on the west coast of Ireland several times during rough seas.

“The last time, just after a storm with 30 ft (9.1 m) swell but with offshore winds, but the waves just didn’t look as big and intimidating as I wanted.”

He explained that he returned to the scene later during a winter storm to try and capture the perfect shot. “As I explored the coast, I eventually came across this scene.

“The waves showed their true size with the cliffs for scale, some even bouncing off the cliffs and coming back to hit the next wave sending it even higher into the air.

“The cold was forgotten as I shot the scene for the next hour.”

The beauty of nature – caught on camera

Irishman wins global photography competition.
Credit: Facebook / @Felixsprollphotography

Nigel Danson, the founder of the global photography competition, said of the Irishman’s image, “This image is one that I dream of taking.

“It has power, depth and conveys tons of emotion. The details in the waves are amazing, and every time I look at it, I see something new.”

Sproll’s efforts to capture the perfect shot have sure paid off as he is named World Landscape Photographer of the Year aged just 29.

The competition – protecting the environment

The competition is focused on protecting the environment.
Credit: Pixabay / Shutterbug75

The Irishman took home the prize at the second-ever global photography competition from World Landscape Photographer.

Founded in 2020, Danson initially launched the competition as a one-off during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, due to the huge volume of entrants, it has become an annual event!

The competition aims to raise money for charity while also bringing together the world’s best nature photographers. All profits from the competition are donated to environmental charities, including WWF-UK and Big Blue Ocean Clean Up.

An amazing prize – perfect for photography enthusiasts

Irishman wins Nikon camera at global photography competition.

Taking home the top spot for his incredible image of the County Clare coastline, Sproll wins a fantastic prize.

The Irish photographer will take home a Nikon Z7ii camera with a 24-70mm F4 Lens worth around €4,000. He will also receive a Benro Carbon Fibre Tripod, Kase Filters Magnetic Filters, and more.

You can view more of Felix’s photography on his website here.

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